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How Hollywood Stars Build Up Their Muscles

By Oliver Wolter

Did you ever ask yourself, how some Hollywood actors get in top shape in record time for a new movie, while "normal guys" fail to build a similar body in years of hard work?

Did you ever wonder how Will Smith build up 30lbs of muscle within a few short months for his movie "Ali"?

How did Christian Bale develop such a muscular body for "Batman" while he looked in "The Machinist" like a lean-addict in the final stage?

How did Brad Pitt create such a ripped body for "Troy" or "Fight Club" within a short time?

The answer is simple - they get coached by the best personal trainers in the world!

But what is the secret of these Superstar Personal Trainers?

Probably you can imagine the answer:

They fit the training programs individually on their clients and test what works for them, as well as what does not.

That's the whole secret!

Thus if you want to finally get your dream body without poisoning it with roids I recommend you to do the following:

Forget all the stuff which you read in bodybuilding magazines (they're nothing else but paid advertisement sheets for the supplement industry) and start to use your strongest muscle - your mind.

Start to find out what works for you and what doesn't work for you.

What happens if you use 25 reps instead of 10 reps?

What happens if you use 2 sets instead of 5 sets?

Trust in your own results and do not take tips from know-it-alls, who cannot even develop 4 lbs of muscle within one year without roids, with all their muscle magazine knowledge.

OR Take the short way and visit now: X-Size Bodybuilding Software and let the X-Size adapt your workouts to your genetic needs on your fast track to Hollywood style muscles.

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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