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My Secret To Massive Upper Arms

By Oliver Wolter

Have you ever asked yourself how to attain huge upper arms in the shortest amount of time possible?

I mean arms with serious muscle, that can burst your shirt when you flex them. Upper arms that bring you the respect you deserve and the attention you want.

Let me let you into my secret ... but make sure to take a seat before you hear this.

1.No muscle group can be strengthened easier and quicker than your upper arms

2.No muscle group requires a indivdualized training plan as much as your upper arms

Anyone can gain INCHES in circumference around their upper arms in just a few weeks. I myself gained 2 and a half inches in just five weeks. But my clients have reported even better results than that.


keep in mind that this kind of muscle growth won't happen with just about any program.

As a matter of fact most programs do not develop the full potential of your upper arm size. You can easily gain another 40% in upper arm circumference. That means if your current work out leaves you with a 13 inch upper arm circumference, you could easily work your way up to 18 inches if you used the right program.


The solution is simple!

Solution 1: The "do it yourself" approach

Use the "do it yourself" approach. Simply realize that your old plan was not working for you, toss it out and start over!

You try new exercises.

You try more repetitions than your previous program.

You restructure your workout routine completely.

Solution 2: The easy method

Use the workout software program X-Size and select Biceps as a priority. X-Size will automatically adjust your work out for you and develop the perfect plan based on your feed back.

Don't be tricked by the foolish advice from strangers in the gym, or that of poorly designed one-size-fits-all workout books and magazines. Keep in mind that switching to a wrong program could actually decrease your muscle size.

You have to find your own work out program, otherwise you will never reach your bodies full potential in upper arm muscle size.


With the right program you will feel REAL results, and you will see how your upper arms grow day by day - It is a truly rewarding experience that is worth every single drop of sweat!

No matter how you decide now - Don't settle for being average!

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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