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     Fitness Tips For 2/5/2014

Should You Workout When You're Tired

Tidal Power Just as the waves of the tide wax and wane, are powerful on some occasions and mild at others, so too does the daily energy level of the human body vary. On one day you may feel like you're full of energy, and yet on other days your batteries seem to be running low. It is wise to adjust your training to take advantage of this. You have to be ready to gear your training to the particular body flow you have at the time of any particular workout. On the days you seem to have an empty tank, you have to dial things down a bit. That doesn't mean you skip training simply because you feel drained, but you may want to tone down the workout somewhat on those days you aren't flowing with abundant energy. And on some rare occasions you may forego the workout altogether. Failure to address a low level of energy may lead to an injury or illness. Conversely, do exactly the opposite on an "up" day. Gear up for hard training. When you are brimming with energy, take advantage of it. Don't fall into the trap of doing the same old routine on days like these. Instead, crank it up to maximum levels. When you are hitting on a natural buzz, push it to the limit. Go harder than ever at times like these. These "high tide" opportunities don't come up every workout, so you want to maximize them when they do. Being flexible is key to taking the right path at the right time. You never know when your energy flow may dive or escalate. You can help keep your energy up by what you eat, and getting plenty of sleep, but sometimes other things intervene and change the day. Being ready to push harder on an up day is a scheme you should be ready to employ and quick to employ as well. And when you are feeling punk, you don't have to set any new records. Sometimes just maintaining the status quo is a victory and you aim to live to fight another day. And when that day comes, when you are locked and loaded, you pack on the weight and get some new records and high level training for even more growth. Be ready to go with the flow for whatever you run into on any given workout day by reacting wisely. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Should You Workout When You're Tired

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