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Turbo Charge your Metabolism

Here are some ways to "Turbo Charge" your metabolism and fat loss:

You are what you eat

Eating a diet high in fat will make it harder to lose weight. Fat has more calories by weight than protein or carbohydrates, which means that it takes more energy to turn carbohydrates into energy. When your body uses up more energy when you eat, there are less extra calories at the end of the day to be stored as fat. Try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet to under 30% and you will probably start to notice the pounds come off faster. Too little fat is not great either and a low fat diet is very hard to keep up. Donít try to cut out too much fat at one time or you may just binge eat and gain it all back. Just try to cut back a little bit over a period of time until you are in the safe range.

When to eat

Try to eat a number of smaller meals during the day. This should help to keep your metabolism going and help you to perform better at what you do. A secret to losing weight is to always try to eat something for breakfast. After sleeping for 8 hours or so, your body is depleted of a lot of the things it needs to run at peak efficiency. You need to eat something to fuel you body and to give a jump-start to your metabolism. Then try to eat something every 3-5 hours, making sure that you are eating smaller meals when you do. The idea is to eat as much as normal, but spread it out over the day instead of just a few meals.

Cutting Calories

When you begin to cut calories, your body naturally slows down to conserve energy until it can get more food. Remember that your body will always try to keep as much fat as possible, which is not what we want to happen. If you try to lose too much weight in a week, youíll just add more pounds when the diet is over. Never reduce your intake of calories by more than 500 calories or you will just be wasting your time.

Move it or Lose it

Your metabolic rate can be up to 25% higher than your resting rate, for as long as 12 hours, following a good cardio session. Exercise on a rowing machine is a great way to rev up both your calorie burning as well as make you feel good. Note: For Best Rowing Machine Buyer's Guide checkout

Tone up

Working out with weights is a great way to increase your metabolism. First, every time you lift weights, you are using your muscles and burning calories. Secondly, your metabolism will stay high after you finish working out, similar to doing cardiovascular exercise. Finally, because muscle burns more than fat, your body begins to use more of the calories for the muscles. Remember, lifting weights will not make you look like a bodybuilder. It will start to firm up things and may even make your feel more self-confident.

Emotional Eating

Eating for reasons such as stress, tension, or depression will need to be reduced in order for you to help achieve your weight loss goals. From time to time, everyone has eaten food to make themselves feel better. Try doing other things like walking, stress relief exercises, games, or anything else to make you too busy to eat when you are not really hungry. Remember, if you are hungry, then you have to eat.

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