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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/3/2001                  


I have a great tip regarding abs.

When you are in the gym go to the cables and put the rope 
on the highest point, use a moderate to heavy weight and kneel 
down on the floor and take the rope and hold it just on top of 
your head and pull the weight towards your abs you should
really feel it. I have used ropes for about 2 months now and 
have seen better results just using ropes than I have doing 3 
different isolation exercises and in less time.

Bryan Bronswyk

A great technique for the front of the calf is as follows.
1. get a 10 lb, and place it near a wall or some thing to hold on to.
2. stand on the plate as though you were a duck, place the heels 
on the edge of the plate and point the toes out at 9 o'clock and
3 o'clock. , also lean back a bit.
3. Now begin to raise the toes up towards the ceiling  and very 
slowly lower them.
4. Do this until failure, do 3 sets.

Now for the biceps do this for your last set as a burnout.
Great for cutting up the biceps.
1. take 2 dumbbells and hold them as a regular curl with the 
palms facing out, in front of you.
2. next begin to curl them slowly and start to turn your hands 
inward like a hammer curl.
4. by that time your half way up while still turning the hands 
inward and by the time your up towards your shoulders you 
are now doing a reverse curl
5. Do every thing opposite on the way down.
This is great as a burnout set.

Want a chest that is truly huge from top to bottom ? 
Start with Low-Incline Barbell Presses. Using an incline bench 
set anywhere from 10-30 degrees is perfect for getting that 
hard to reach area of the pecs under the collar bone. This will 
be your principal power exercise. Do 2 warmups using 50 and 
75 % of your max weight and then pile on the poundage so that 
you complete 4 sets of 6-8, 4-6, 3-4 and 3-4. After you hit failure 
on the last set reduce the weight by 30 % or so and rep out until 

Next you will need an adjustible bench and 2 pairs of dumbells. 
Yes you read that correctly. You will be supersetting Incline 
Dumbell Presses with Incline Flyes at various angles. Disclaimer
-- this superset is probably the most painful thing you will ever do 
for your pecs.  1st superset use a steep angle on the bench 
around 60 degrees doing a set of presses and when you reach 
failure drop the weights pick up the lighter pair of dumbells and 
do a set of flyes to failure. Immediately lower the angle of the 
bench to 45 degrees using the same weights complete another 
superset.  For the third superset use a low angle like the one 
you used for Incline Barbell Presses in the first exercise. Your
chest will be torched from top to bottom but ya still go one more 
thing left... 

Complete 2 trisets of Dips (or if you cannot do many reps on 
dips use Decline Presses) Cable Crossovers and close grip 
pushups. This is a radically intense chest workout that will 
have you sore for dayz put the added size and striations 
are well worth the effort and pain! 
Joe Aquilina 


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