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     Fitness Tips For 1/31/2007

Diet Program Review: Does The South Beach Diet Work?
By Zach Bashore

The South Beach Diet was developed by the cardiologist, Arthur 
Agatston, who was practicing in the Miami, Florida area at the 
time. The diet first appeared in a book published by the Rodale 
Press titled "The South Beach Diet." This diet emphasizes eating 
right, becoming healthier, and claims to create a loss of 10 to 15 
pounds in as little as two weeks.

The South Beach Diet works in phases. The first two use a specific 
time frame and the third phase is used for life. With this method, 
you stop weighing food portions, stop counting calories, and stop 
feeling that you are being deprived of great tasting foods. With 
the South Beach Diet, you eat three normal sized meals and two 
snacks each day. The meal plans are designed to be flexible so 
that you can eat a variety of different foods.

The negatives of this diet is that the carbohydrate restriction 
in the first two weeks require a tough willpower and may leave you 
feeling weak and tired. You also may not be getting an adequate 
supply of vitamins and minerals in phase one because this phase 
does not emphasize the five fruit and vegetable servings that you
need. Eliminating all carbohydrate foods during this phase 
means that you will be selling yourself short on quality fiber, 
iron, B vitamins, zinc, and calcium.

Nutrition experts generally favor diets that are based on the 
Glycemic Index. The South Beach Diet only requires serious 
willpower for the first two weeks and it can seem very restrictive
at first. However, once you get past the first phase, there are 
fewer dietary restrictions than with most other diet programs. 
No major food groups are eliminated and this diet follows the 
basic principles of eating healthy with the end result providing
you with plenty of nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

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