The following drinks should be in liquid form. Mix with water. The solution should be diluted to 4-8%. 50 grams in 1 liter equals a 5% solution.


Pre-workout: Half and hour before workout

bullet0.15-0.2 X bodyweight (kg) in EAA
bullet0.4 X bodyweight (kg) in High Glycemic Carbs
bullet5 grams of extra BCAA

Intra-workout: Slowly sipped throughout workout

bullet0.15-0.2 X bodyweight (kg) in BCAA
bullet0.4 X bodyweight (kg) in High Glycemic Carbs

*Post-workout: Taken within half an hour after workout

bullet0.4 X bodyweight (kg) of Hydrolyzed Whey Protein
bullet0.8 X bodyweight (kg) in High Glycemic Carbs
bullet5 grams of extra BCAA  

*To maximize post-workout supplementation, the carbohydrate drink, along with the BCAA, can be consumed first within 15 minutes of the workout, followed by the protein within 25 minutes of the session. By drinking the carbs first, you further increase insulin response by speeding up digestion of the carbs. Protein will slow carb digestion. 


Additional Supplements


Phosphatidyl Serine: …………500-600 mgs 75-45 minutes prior to workout with a high fat food. Reduces serum cortisol levels 51%. 


Creatine Monohydrate: ………3-5 grams taken with carbohydrates after the exercise. Increased CP stores, glycogen retention, and protein synthesis.


Vitamin/Mineral Supplement:..Taken with the pre-workout meal or shake, and adequate amounts taken after workout. Reduces free radical levels during and after workout. Post-workout supplementation increases vitamin/mineral restoration.


Glutamine: …………………….10-20 grams taken before and/or after workout. Helps restore glutamine levels, increases muscle glycogen stores, reduces DOMS and post-workout infection, and helps enhance depressed immune function. 


Carbs: …………………………In addition to the pre, intra, and post-workout carbs, consume 3g/kg of carbs every two hours after the exercise for as long as possible. This will ensure total glycogen replenishment with 24 hours, and keep anabolism at a high rate during this time. 


Water: …………………………Half a liter to a liter of water is consumed the hour before the session begins is optimal for hydration. Extra water, besides the carb/protein solution, is needed after the session. Athletes typically only consume 2/3 of the water they need after working out.

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