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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/5/2003                     

One Simple Movement Can Double the Effectiveness of Pulldowns
By Nick Nilsson

The Pulldown is an excellent exercise for working the Latissimus
Dorsi muscles of the back (also known as the lats).  It is a
little known fact but there is a way you can dramatically improve
the effectiveness of this exercise by performing one simple
movement before each rep.

Many people have a hard time feeling their lats working when they
do pulldowns.  The biceps may have a tendency to take over the
movement.  Some people just don't feel anything in their back at

This little movement trick can change all of that.

The movement is simply a shoulder drop and even though it may
seem like a SMALL thing, it can have a HUGE impact on your back

To demonstrate this movement, start by sitting in a pulldown
machine with a moderate weight on the stack.  Take a close grip
on the bar with your palms facing you (known as a reverse grip).
Do a few reps using your normal technique so you have a gauge to
measure against.

Now we will add the shoulder drop.  Let your arms go straight and
let your shoulder girdle rise up as though shrugging. Your
shoulders should be up by your ears.  Now drop your shoulder
girdle down in the opposite movement to the shrug, pulling the
weight down as you do so.  The range of motion is small, being
only a matter of a few inches. Repeat this drop and raise several
times to get the feel for the movement.  You should feel your
entire shoulder girdle moving up and down.

We will now do a rep with the shoulder drop movement.  Start in
the stretched position with your shoulders up by your ears.  Drop
your shoulders down, lean slightly back then do a pulldown.  Be
sure to keep your lower back arched and your chest puffed out to
meet the bar on the way down.  You should feel your lats working
harder than usual.

Squeeze hard as though trying to touch your shoulder blades
together as you come to the bottom then let the weight back up
slowly.  You can repeat the shoulder drop movement at the start
of every rep or you can simply keep your shoulders down and
locked in that position throughout the set.

Dropping your shoulders down like this serves to lock the lats
into the movement and helps to minimize the biceps involvement in
the pulldown.  You should find that you get a much more effective
lat workout using this technique.

Nick Nilsson is the author of the groundbreaking new training
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