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Body fat is somthing that we all worry about and would like to 
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Thermogenesis is the proccess of burning off excess dietary 
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tissue or BAT. In BAT, calories are diverted from normal 
metabolism into thermogenesis. Heat not energy, is the 
primary product of thermigneic metabolism in BAT. 
Thermogenesis in BAT is the target of our herbal based
thermogenic products.

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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/12/2003                     

The Best Abdominal Exercises

The abs are key to a great physique. You may have nice arms, but 
can you show off your stomach? They are also instrumental to 
several sports because they are an important factor in running, 
jumping, and throwing. The following (along with a reduced calorie 
diet) are great for developing a  killer six-pack:

Lower Abdominals

Leg Raises -Lie on your back; bring your legs up until they form 
a 90-degree angle with the floor. Keep your legs as straight as 
possible to really make the lower abs burn. Don't allow your legs 
to touch the floor to keep constant tension on your abs. Stop 
when you are about 1-2 inches off the ground, and start the next 

Lying Leg Thrusts- Lie on your back. Perform a lying leg raise. 
Thrust your heels to the ceiling, breathe out; keep contracting 
the lower abs so that you are raising your torso. Lower out of 
the thrust back to your initial position, leaving your feet straight 
up. Lower your legs back to the starting position.

Hanging Leg Raises- Hang from a chin-up bar, or use a dip 
stand, or another devise so that your feet do not touch the 
ground when they are directly below you. Bring your knees 
up to your chest, in a slow, controlled motion. To maximize 
the exercise, keep your legs straight, and bring them up 
slowly to form a "L" with your torso.
Upper Abdominals

Ab Crunches-Lying on your back, put your knees up in the air 
so that your thighs are at a right angle to the ground, with 
your knees bent. Put your hands either behind your head or 
on the sides of your head. Slowly raise your shoulders off the 
ground and focus on keeping your abs tight. Do not let your 
shoulder blades touch the ground during the exercise if you 
can help it. Do not focus on going all the way up, as much 
as having a slow, consistent pace, and really flexing the a
bdominal muscles throughout.

Cross-Knee Crunches-These are like ab crunches, lay on 
your back, in the bent-knee position, but crunch diagonally 
so that you touch each elbow to the opposite hip alternately. 
At the top position, one shoulder and one hip should be off 
the ground.

Cross Overs-Lie on your side and cradle your head in 
your hands. Bend your knees, place one elbow, and arm 
on the ground just under your head. Keep your hands 
linked, and point the other elbow up. Twist your body 
and lift the lower elbow up off the ground and across 
your torso. Do this in a slow manner, and hold it at the 
top for a second before lowering and repeating. Try not to 
go all the way down, stop lust short of the bottom so 
you get more of a work. Be sure to do this for both sides.


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( knee injuries) are actually growing and getting 
some muscle. Recovery time is also cut way down 
and I feel like I could train every day. 

It almost reminds me of the old days of injectible 
D Bol and other things.
Mark Haeuser" 

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