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         FITNESS TIPS FOR  3/11/2003          

Why Binges Take Place
by Karen Sessions

Most people interested in losing weight will drastically drop their 
calories.  For some, 1500 calories a day is a decent number, for 
others this is extremely low.  However, many fad diets and diet 
clinics will dip far below the maintenance caloric level, and in turn, 
put the body in starvation defense mode.  Individuals who 
drastically cut calories below 1500, or their caloric maintenance 
level, frequently develop binging habits.  At least half the 
individuals that regularly diet, including fad diets, take active 
binges.  This is the reason to take a designated cheat day once a 
week, to convince the body that it is not starving, and to set the m
etabolism in motion again. 

A binge is not necessarily a form of weakness or will power, but 
rather it is associated with an imbalance correlated with a 
low-caloric diet.  Not only does a low calorie diet put the body in a 
starvation defense, but it also affects the thyroid by, slowing 
down the metabolism, in turn, storing more fat.   The body's 
defense in correcting the imbalanced thyroid takes place through 
binges, which makes the thyroid active once again.  After a binge 
an excess amount of calories has been ingested, and out of guilt 
and punishment, the individual starves himself again.  This type 
of behavior is a form of yo-yo dieting and leads to weight gain.   

To combat binges, take control over your eating habits.  This is 
where will power and focus take place.  You must supply your 
body with fuel to function.  A binge is not a sign of weakness, but 
is a result of a disruption in the thyroid.  Allow yourself the 
maintenance number of calories a day for your body, and grant 
yourself a cheat day to keep the thyroid and metabolism active 
and functioning properly.  Starving yourself will not result in 
weight loss, but eating right will.  

Effective Tips and Techniques to Gain Control

1. Always eat breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal 
of the day because it sets your metabolism for the day, and 
makes the body start burning calories.  Eating breakfast, 
complete with complex carbohydrates and protein will prevent a 
binge later in the afternoon or evening.    

2. Keep your last meal an hour before bed, preferably a 
serving of protein and a serving of vegetables, to keep insulin 
levels low.   High calories and/or excessive starchy complex 
carbohydrates have a greater chance to be stored as fat, as well 
as prompt midnight cravings.  

3. Eat 5 to 6 meals a day, spaced evenly out.  Constant small 
meals, prevent hunger and decreases carbohydrate and sugar 
cravings.  Smaller, more frequent meals will keep you full, and 
convince your body that it is not starving.  Constant feeding will 
prevent binges.  

4. Have a serving of protein and a serving of carbohydrates with 
each meal.  The added protein will keep your insulin from 
shooting sky high.  Consistent levels of increased insulin are 
linked with binges, due to the carbohydrate cravings it causes.  

5. Rotate your carbohydrates to manipulate your body, and to 
keep your metabolism working for you.  The carbohydrate rotation 
method will help curb binges since it allows the body to feast on 
carbohydrates to a certain extent, yet not to where will be storing 
them as fat.  

6. Increase good fat intake such as nuts, natural peanut butter, 
olive oil, flaxseed oil, etc.  The added natural fat will help blunt 
binges because it provides the body essential elements to keep 
things in balance.  

7. Increase your water intake.  Water is an important nutrient for 
proper body functions, as well as a natural appetite suppressant.  
More water in equals more water out.

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