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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/14/2003                     

Bodybuilding for Men Over 40 
by Vince Gironda 

The most famous bodybuilding trainer in the world reveals special
training advice for more mature bodybuilders. He demonstrated
the validity of his training techniques by placing second in the 
NABBA Pro Mr. Universe contest against the world’s best at the 
age of 42! 

Fifty years of experience in the gym business gave Vince an 
insight into building muscle that few men in the world possess. 
His training advice has been used successfully by hundreds of 
bodybuilding stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott, 
Don Howorth, Reg Lewis, Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane and Sergio 
Olivia. Vince pioneered many of the concepts that have 
subsequently been proven to be the most effective for muscle 
growth and definition. 

This is being written for men who consider themselves "older men," 
who are confused by the so-called physical culture writers who are 
themselves confused. 

These writers "self proclaimed experts" are advising older men to 
use lighter weights and high repetition programs. This is not only 
a waste of time and energy, it is also detrimental. The real secret 
is to know how muscle is developed and to train accordingly. This 
is what I am about to reveal to you. 

To begin with, it is important to understand the correct time of the 
day to train. That is, the time of day when you blood sugar level 
is at its highest. Men under 40 years of age function more 
efficiently in the evening. Mature men reach this efficiency time 
of day in the early hours. 

I personally find myself most energetic at 6:00 o’clock in the 
morning. My most serious training has always been done at this
hour, yet when I was in my twenties I trained at 10 o’clock at night. 
World famous fitness expert Jack LaLanne also trains before 
6:00 am, and bodybuilding superstar Bill Pearl always trained at 
the same early hour in the morning. 

Early morning training insures me of a high-energy level the rest 
of the day. Science claims that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. Because the blood sugar drops three hours 
after any meal, it needs to be refurbished every three hours in 
order to maintain a constant nitrogen balance. It is important to
know that 90% of any protein ingested is utilized after training 
(up to 1 to 2 hours), so it is recommended to consume more 
protein at this time. 

The right approach to your training routine is simply to set in 
motion the right mental attitude. You must have a clear image 
of what you wish to feel and see from the workout. This 
means you must constantly take a visual inventory of your 
physique. You should stand in front of a mirror and analyze 
your development—drawing a positive thought form of any 
body part that you wish to improve. 

This visual inventory procedure may require a few poses,
which enable you to make a mind-to-muscle contact. This 
is done by isolating the muscle and developing a control, 
which is very important to establishing a strengthened 
nerve impulse to a given muscle. Actually, you must 
realize that nerve impulses are established to send 
stronger and more efficient electrical charges before the 
muscle can be developed. The larger the muscle the 
stronger the nerve charge. Think of this process as 
charging your storage battery - the stronger the charge, 
the harder the contraction. 

Any exercise program should be designed to create 
an illusion, because we all have faults in our 
conformation. The first illusion to create width. All of 
the modern-day bodybuilders seem to lack shoulder 
width. As far as I am concerned, the average lay 
person has always admired broad shoulders above 
all else. This has always proclaimed a man as an 
athlete who has broad shoulders. 

For men over 40 particularly I advise three sets only. You 
may add a fourth set later only if you feel that you are 
honestly doing the exercises to the best of your ability. 
Train three times a week with at least a day of rest between 

Beware of adding sets and weigh too fast. This usually 
indicates sloppier form and is an excuse to justify it. Rather 
than to raise the weight, I advise doing three sets of 8 reps, 
and increasing the reps as you improve to 12. Calves, of 
course, are always 20 reps. Prior to a contest, I raised 
the count to 30 reps. Never raise the reps until you have 
completed three workouts at the number of reps you are 
using at the time. This is the system that I taught at my 
gym for fifty years with great success. 

Note: For more info on the training and diet secrets of Vince 
Gironda go to http://www.trulyhuge.com/vincegironda.htm

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