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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/22/2004           

Do You Want a Big Bench Press?
by Mike Westerdal

Then you're probably determined to get one. It's that same determination 
that will be your struggle. The more you want it, the harder you want to 
work and the longer you want to stay in the gym. This is going to lead 
to overtraining which will stunt any strength gains you've made and 
delay any dreams of an even bigger bench. 

How do you know if you're at risk of overtraining? If you feel run down 
after a workout, notice that you aren't making any gains, you always do 
forced reps, you're not getting enough rest, your diet stinks, you have
 a bad attitude or you aren't motivated you're probably overtraining. 
Insomnia is another big sign. Put it this way, if a weight continually 
feels heavier than normal, chances are you haven't gotten weaker, 
you just haven't recovered from previous workouts. 

There are three distinct stages of metabolism. The first is a state of 
equilibrium easily described as the fully recovered state where 
energy is neither being depleted and tissue is not being damaged 
or repaired. The second stage is catabolism. Catabolism is the 
stage you are in during a workout. Energy is being depleted and 
muscle tissue is being damaged. Your goals should be to keep 
catabolism in the gym, but many people that overtrain keep this 
stage going long after their workouts end and lose hard-earned 
muscle tissue to help the recovery. Finally the stage that usually 
doesn't get much of a chance to kick in before we're back in the
gym for another session. The third stage is anabolism where 
energy is restored and tissue damage is being repaired. So after 
you lift you want to heal and reach a state of homeostasis,but 
instead many of us are back in the gym tearing our muscles and 
using energy when we haven't even let the muscle fully recover 
from the previous workout. Never lift a muscle group that is still 
sore. I know it's difficult but sometimes more isn't better. 

There is always the urge to overtrain thinking that if we just work 
harder the gains will come. How do we resist the urge? First off let's 
think, quality not quantity. If you lift each muscle group only once a 
week and spend less than 1 hr in the gym you're on the right path. 
Although you don't have to spend a lot of time in the gym the time 
spent must be intense. Every single exercise and rep should be 
performed with a passion and you will accomplish more in 45 
minutes than most people do in two hours. If you are truly pushing 
yourself you should be exhausted at the end of the workout. After 
tearing your body apart, do you think it's going to be ready to do it 
again in two to three days? I think not, try at least a week. So all 
you benchers out there if you're lifting heavy, workout after workout 
make sure that the reason you hit a plateau is not that you are trying 
too often. Let your body recover, heal, and grow before you start 
ripping it up again. When you hit each body part several times a 
week you don't really try as hard because you know you'll get 
another shot at it a week. When you only lift each body part once 
per week you develop a sense of urgency. You know you better lift 
hard because you won't get another chance to train it again for a 
week. Then as the week passes by you find yourself looking 
forward to your next chest day. Anyone that thinks they might be
overtraining take a couple of days off and go pack to the gym 
revived and motivated with the determination to train smarter 
and harder. 
Editors note: Mike Westerdal is the author of the Critical Bench 
program. "Amazing, new weight lifting program reveals - How To 
Increase Your Bench Press By 50 Pounds in 10 Weeks!" 
For full info go to: Big Bench Routine

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