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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/7/2004                

Getting Lean and Staying Lean
By Dan Gallapoo
When I moved out of Troy, Ohio on January 1st of last year I weighed 
about 190 with a body fat percentage of approximately 20%. I'm only 
5'6" tall with a small bone structure (6 1/2" wrist). In other words, I 
was fat. Again, I used the old "I'm bulking up" excuse for my poor 
eating habits.

I'll Let You In On A Little Secret...

Once you've gotten lean, you can cheat occasional and eat many of 
the foods you love... and still stay lean.

It took me a little more than 3 months, but I got my body fat down to 
a nice, manageable 9%. Not contest shape but you can see my abs. 
Haven't seen those in a long time!

Now that I'm lean, I still enjoy an occasional beer and pizza and 
even some junk food and desserts without porking out again. The 
key word there is occasional.

I made my best gains in getting my body fat lower with my
 "Extreme Fat Loss Secrets". I dropped 2 inches off my waist in two 
weeks and lost a good 8 pounds of lard.

But this extreme plan is not for the weak or undisciplined.

Now that I'm at a body fat level I can live with, it's fairly easy to 
maintain. Here's how I do it...

A diet consisting of approximately 50% protein, 30% healthy fats 
like flaxseed oil, heavy whipping cream, and 20% low glycemic 

I also use a low carb protein powder or meal replacement powder 
mixed with water and a couple tablespoons of heavy whipping 

I eat about 5 to 6 times a day spaced out every 3 hours. I ALWAYS 
take Nitrobol http://www.trulyhuge.com/nitrobol.htm
before, during, and immediately after training, and usually also at 
night right before bed on an empty stomach.

In addition to that I take a multi vitamin-mineral supplement every 
morning and occasionally 10 to 20 capsules of Nitrobol in place 
of one of my meals if I'm not really feeling particularly hungry.

In addition to all the disciplined diet stuff I told you, I still have 
that occasional pizza and beer, junk food and dessert. But 
when I eat all this delicious junk, I usually try to make sure I 
don't eat it late in the evening close to bed time. But actually 
I've had the occasional late night pizza without any ill effects.

When you have a higher muscle to fat ratio, your metabolism 
is working for you and helping keep you lean. When you have 
a higher fat to muscle ratio, your metabolism seems to work 
against you and keep you fat. Life's not fair!

Rock on with your bad self...and get lean so we can enjoy a 
pizza together...guilt-free!

All the best,
Doberman Dan 

Note: Dan's e-book Guide to Building Muscle While Losing Fat
is available for instant download at http://trulyhuge.com/books.htm#buildlose

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