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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/14/2004                

Best 30 Minute Fat Burning Circuit Training Workout
by Shannon Entin

When you need a break from your traditional workout, or when you
need to get a total body workout in a short period of time, try this
30-Minute Fat-Burning Circuit Workout. Perform the workout with 
light weights (about 50% of your maximum lift weight) and move 
continuously. You should be able to get 25 to 30 repetitions in for 
each weight training segment. Don't rest between exercises. The 
exercises below add up to 27 minutes, but you'll need about 10 to
15 seconds in between exercises to grab your weights and get 
into proper position. 

(2 minutes) Start with an aerobic segment to warm up. March in 
place, walk slowly on a treadmill, or cycle slowly on a stationary 
(1 minute) Tricep kickback/squat: Hold a dumbbell in each hand 
and pull your elbows back so you're holding the weights near 
your waist. As you squat, straighten your arms behind you, 
pressing the weight back and moving only your forearms. Your 
upper arm (from shoulder to elbow) should not move. Lower the
 weight as you press up from the squat. Repeat steadily. 
(3 minutes) Aerobic segment: Your choice of aerobic work - might 
be jump rope, treadmill, cycle, stairmaster, jumping jacks, etc. 
(1 minute) Deadlift: Start in a standing position, holding a 
dumbbell in each hand. Hands should rest on the thighs. 
Keeping your shoulders low and back (don't hunch over) and 
your knees slightly bent, bend from the hips until your back is 
flat. Your arms should stay straight, allowing the weight to 
move straight down toward your feet. Keep your head up. 
Return to a standing position and repeat steadily. 
(3 minutes) Aerobic segment. 
(1 minute) Hammer curl/squat: Hold a dumbbell in each hand 
and pull your elbows in tight to your waist. Your palms
should be facing one another, as if you are holding a 
hammer in each hand. As you squat, lift the weights toward 
your shoulders, keeping the elbows in tight to the waist. 
Lower the weight as you press up from the squat. Repeat 
(3 minutes) Aerobic segment. 
(1 minute) Upright row/squat: Hold a dumbbell in each hand 
and let the weights rest against your thighs. As you squat, 
lift the weights straight up to your chest (your elbows 
come out to your sides) in a rowing motion. Lower the 
weights as you press up from the squat. Repeat steadily. 
(3 minutes) Aerobic cooldown. March in place, walk, or 
cycle slowly. 
(1 minute) Push-ups. 
(1 minute) Abdominal crunches. 
(3 minutes) Stretch all the major muscle groups. 

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