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side laterals, hanging leg raises, chins, cable bicep curls, bent 
over cable laterals, incline bench press, and more.

Safety bars eliminate need for spotter, ALL MATERIALS can be 
obtained from your local lumber yard and industrial supply 
outlet . there is absolutely NO WELDING REQUIRED.

FULLY DETAILED PLANS, diagrams and drawings. Construction is 
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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/4/2004               

"Vince Gironda's Nutritional Secrets To Gain Up To An Inch On Your 
Upper Arms... In 30 Days!"

Just recently, a man who was very well acquainted with Vince 
Gironda contacted me. He told me some stories about the old "Iron 
Guru" I had not heard before. It got me thinking about Vince.

Back when I first started bodybuilding I bought all of Vince's courses. 
I read every article he wrote for the Muscle Mags, too. That 
cantankerous old guy was way ahead of his time! He really knew all 
the secrets to building a great physique fast.

Here's one of Vince's secrets that very few people have ever heard 

I'm almost reluctant to share this secret with you. It is so simple and 
easy I'm afraid you might blow it off as a bunch of BS. But trust me... 
it really works!

Vince was a believer that in order to grow, you needed to keep your 
body in a "positive nitrogen balance." This means that protein (the 
only nutrient that contains nitrogen) should be constantly available in 
your bloodstream.

When you eat a meal with protein, your body breaks the protein 
down into amino acids. These amino acids are only available in the 
bloodstream for a few hours. If you don't get some more protein in 
there within two to three hours, you'll be in "negative nitrogen 
balance." This means your body is using and excreting more 
nitrogen than it is taking in.

In order to prevent that from happening, you need to keep a constant 
source of high quality protein coming into your body.

Vince was a proponent of using "concentrated food sources." These 
are foods which contain the protein and nutrients you need but don't 
contain a lot of excess carbohydrates and calories that take up a 
lot of space in your stomach, allowing for frequent feedings.

He was not a believer in stuffing a bunch of food down your throat 
to bulk up and gain a lot of weight. He used to say, "How much do 
you think an extra inch on your arms is going to add to the scale?"

So Vince had his students take protein powder mixed with cream, 
raw fertile eggs and... (drum roll. please)...

Amino acid capsules!

Vince had many students gain an inch on their arms within 30 
days simply by taking 3 to 5 amino acid capsules every hour. 
This insures a positive nitrogen balance without excess 
carbohydrates and calories.

Stories from some of the old timers telling of phenomenal gains
being made on taking amino acid capsules a day are very 

I am taking old Vince Gironda's advice and adding Nitrobol
capsules every few hours and the results are awesome not 
only am I growing fast and losing fat, but my energy levels
are through the roof.

I use Nitrobol because it has the highest "Net Nitrogen 
Utilization" (NNU) of 99%. That means that 99% of what you 
take in is utilized by your body. Compare that to whey 
protein alone which yields a NNU of only 12%! 

For more infoamtion on Nitrobol see 

For more information on Vince Gironda see

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