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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/18/2004           

Why Warm Up Before Exercise?

1. Proper warm up helps prevent injuries. You need to sweat a little, 
but don't get fatigued by the warmup. 

2. Increases the removal of lactic acid accumulated during previous 

3. Increases the efficiency of contracting muscles. Some light 
stretching is good to get limbered up. 

4. Research suggests neuromuscular coordination is enhanced by 
warming up. 

5. Improves coordination of individual exercises. (doing a warmup 
set of an exercise before hitting the heavy weights) 

6. Increases heart rate and speeds blood circulation. 

7. Increases oxygen reserves to the muscles. 

Be careful not to warm up too long because you don't want to use up your 
energy for warming up instead of getting an intense workout. A good rule 
of thumb is to elevate your heart rate, sweat lightly, and have an elevated 
body temperature. 10-15 minutes on the treadmill is good to get your 
body warmed up. Perform one light set of each exercise before you start 
adding heavy weight to the exercise. This will help with your form. 

Stretching is another important part of warming up and cooling down. 
Stretching will help you get a full range of motion for the exercises that 
you are about to perform. Stretching also helps after the workout by 
stretching out the muscles that you just pumped up. 


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Commitment: RU really ready?
By Lee Hayward

I have often thought about what it really takes to get in 
great shape. Guts and sheer commitment, that is what the 
answer is to be honest. There is no other way. A part of 
your life is the way it has to be, only then can you even 
think that success may be a part of that "Light at the end 
of the tunnel".

I suppose commitment is a word to some people. To me, it is 
something that sits on my shoulders every day of my life - 
it is like that of my family. To be able to commit yourself 
to a project needs strength the likes of you will never know 
unless you are prepared to commit yourself to a life of, 
what basically can be in some ways sheer pain WITH 

Your whole life is centered around fitness, you ask 
yourself is it worth it. I say yes for what it brings and 
gives to me. You have to be prepared for anything, school 
PA meetings, xmas nativity plays, you name it, it happens, 
all have to be either attended or in my case missed on 
some occasions. It is sadly a way of life a part of the 
score card.

So what are the benefits of such a life of commitment? Well, 
even if you are not competing professionally, but training 
for a better physique, the commitment has to be the same if 
you want to get anywhere in this game. I enjoy the strength 
and confidence that I have and most certainly the the praise 
I receive for it. There are those who think that bodybuilders 
try to intimidate others in some cases I suppose some do, but 
if others feel intimidated when it is not actually projected 
towards them then that is just tough! Like the saying says, 
"Keep up or get outta my way!" I can relate to that even 
though I just made it up!

I suppose the fact that the sense of discipline that one has 
to impose on ones self on a day to day basis gives a kinda 
kick to the proceedings. This is so true when the fat guy
down the pub who is happy with his way of life, always seem 
to try and pull your way of doing things down. That is the 
way things go and I have no problems with the way they do 
things but keep out of my life if you are not prepared to go 
the whole hog! Stay fat as far as I’m concerned.

Do you have to go at it 100%? Well it really all depends on 
just how far you want to go, but think about it even if you 
want to be a little in shape, even then there still really 
should be quite a lot of commitment involved.

The question most asked of me on a day to day basis is I want 
to get big but I want to be ripped to the bone. Basically they 
are saying they don't know what the hell they want, but do one 
or the other. You see, in order to get big, you have to eat 
big and accept the fact that you will put on some fat, that 
is inevitable, but you cannot pile it on one day and take it 
off the next, now come on! Commit yourself to one or the 
other, make the choice and stick to it. Doing that will 
give you the start you need.

So lets say that you have decided to get ripped. What do you 
do, where do you begin? Well for a start, you have to make 
sure that your training is designed to get you ripped or 
rather burn off fat, yet still produce muscle. This can be 
done but you have to remember that you will not get 
massive - ripped yes but not massive. Make sure you are 
clear on that.

The training must cover (as always) all body parts for 
balance, reps in the region of 12-15 throughout and very 
short rest periods between sets. Five days per week training 
at least one body part per day. At least a couple of days 
per week, additional cardio vascular work really should be 
added. Personally I suggest bag training - a great way of 
getting rid of excess pounds. And for a few quid from your 
local Argos - a snitch too. 3 x 2-3 minute rounds, timed 
will get the sweat running out of any forehead and you will 
be that much faster in a brawl too! - NICE


This has to be fairly high protein with low to medium carbs. 
It has to be - we are trying to burn off excess fat by using 
more than we are consuming. 
Result - Low fat high definition = RIPPED! On the other side 
of the coin, getting BIG. The opposite has to happen.

Training has to be that much slower but it still can be 5 days 
per week, but I would suggest four which would be about 
right, although for many and this will vary and has to be 
figured out first. Are you a fast metabolism - or slow? If 
fast, 3 days would be more than adequate so long as the 
training done is hard and extreme when in the gym. This 
is so important as the muscle has to be trained , broken 
down and then given the time to recover - hence the 4 days rest 
in that one week training.

So many people underestimate the 3 days system dismissing it 
as a system far under par to the 5 and 6 day split systems 
many use today. But the ‘many’ don't get anywhere anyway so 
how's that for a bag of apples as well - unbelievers? Or 
should I say "small unbelievers"!

Committing yourself to the three day system and holding to it 
will - without doubt give results beyond your wildest dreams. 


Understanding what you want to do from the start and staying 
with that plan until the desired result is achieved is the 
first step to success. After that, the rest is easy - well 

There is no other way around it. It is a matter of doing what 
is advised or not - it is that simple.

You want results? You want to succeed? Then you have to 
prepare yourself for what is going to be hard work - no 
other way mate! No one said that getting a great body was going 
to be easy. Those that did are either fat, far out or 
totally 100% LIARS!

All the best,

Lee Hayward

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