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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/7/2004                

Seven Quick Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn 
Fat Faster
by Nick Nilsson

  The speed of your metabolism is the real key to burning 
  fat quickly and efficiently.  Here are seven easy tips 
  for boosting your metabolic rate.

Your metabolism or metabolic rate can determine exactly how
quickly you gain or lose fat.  Here are some quick tips you
can put to use immediately to help crank up your metabolism
and increase your fat burning.

1.  Eat Breakfast

Itís no myth that breakfast is the most important meal of 
the day.  If you skip breakfast thinking you are saving 
calories or time, consider this... 

Your body has been in a fasting state for 8 hours or more.
When you wake up and donít give it any food, its natural 
reaction is self-defense.  It thinks "famine" and 
automatically slows your metabolism to a crawl to conserve 
calories.  Not only does everything you eat for the rest 
of the day have a far greater chance of being stored as 
fat, your chances of burning any fat off that day are low.

And hereís the whammy... youíre going to get really hungry 
later and will probably want to eat something thatís not so
good for you.  With your now-slower metabolism (because you 
skipped breakfast), youíre going to store a lot more of 
that "not-so-great" meal than usual.

2.  Eat Frequently

Besides skipping breakfast, the next biggest metabolism-
killer is long waits between meals.  Every time you eat 
something, your metabolism ramps up to process the food.  
The more frequently you eat, the more frequently your 
metabolism will get a boost.

The real key, however, is to be sure youíre eating smaller 
meals (eating 5 big meals instead of 3 big meals isnít good 
for losing fat!).  Try to eat 5 or more times per day, even 
if itís just healthy snacks between meals.

3.  Exercise With Intensity

Your metabolic rate is directly related to the intensity of 
the exercise you perform.  Walking will burn calories while 
youíre doing it and give your metabolism a small boost for 
a little while after but it doesnít compare to high-
intensity interval training.  That type of training can 
boost your metabolism for a full 24 hours or more after.  

Even if you canít handle high-intensity training, you can 
always find ways to make the easier exercises such as 
walking more intense, e.g. walk faster, walk up hills, wear 
a weighted back-pack, etc.

4.  Train With Weights

Weight training builds muscle and muscle is a huge factor 
in determining your metabolic rate.  Muscle tissue is very 
metabolically active.  Your body burns a lot of calories 
just to maintain it.  

Weight training gives your metabolism a triple-shot.  Not 
only do you burn calories during the exercise, you also 
increase your metabolic rate long after the exercise 
(provided the training you are doing is intense).  Add to 
that the extra muscle you build from the training and you 
can see how effective weights can be for boosting your 

5.  Eat More Protein

Of the three major macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates 
and fats), protein requires the most energy to digest.  
Protein is also less likely to be stored as fat because of 
this.  Protein will also help you to build up your muscle.  

I donít recommend that you overload on protein, however, 
focusing on getting plenty of good-quality protein from a 
variety of sources (e.g. lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, 
soy, etc.) can help keep your metabolic rate high.

6.  Take Your Vitamins

Your metabolic rate basically boils down to chemical 
reactions in your body.  Vitamins and minerals (and water) 
are important parts of these chemical reactions.  If you 
donít have enough of these components available for your 
body to use when it needs them, your body will have to 
limit itself to what youíve got.

Think of your metabolism as a car assembly line.  You canít
build a complete car until you have all the parts available.
If, for example, you only have enough doors available to 
build 100 cars but you have 200 doorless cars on the line, 
youíre missing out on a lot of potential production.

By taking a multivitamin on a regular basis, you will not 
only support your metabolism but your health as well.

7.  Reduce Your Fat Intake

Fatty foods take longer for your body to digest and they 
leave you feeling fuller longer.  While not being hungry 
is certainly fine when trying to lose fat, eating meals 
that encourage you to wait longer periods between eating 
can slow your metabolism.

This goes back to the point about eating frequently.  If 
you eat fatty foods for breakfast, you may not want to 
anything again until lunch, which could be 5 or more hours 
away.  Ideally, you should eat approximately every 3 hours.

If youíre looking to give your metabolism a boost, give 
these tips a try.  A faster metabolic rate can help you 
tremendously with fat loss.

Editor's note: Be sure to visit Nick Nilsson website at 

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