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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/28/2004                

10 Tips To Reduce Fat In Your Diet Plan
by Kathy Thompson

1. Steam, boil, broil, or microwave vegetables, or 
stir-fry them in a small amount of vegetable oil.

2. Season vegetables with herbs and spices rather than
 sauces, butter, or margarine.

3. Try lemon juice or fat-free dressing on salad, or 
use a yogurt based dressing instead of mayonnaise or 
sour cream dressing.

4. To reduce saturated fat, use vegetable oil or tub 
margarine instead of butter or stick margarine when 

5. Replace whole milk with skim or low-fat milk in 
puddings, soups, and baked products.  Substitute plain 
non-fat yogurt, blender-whipped cottage cheese, low-fat 
sour cream, or buttermilk in recipes that call for sour 

6. Choose lean cuts of meat, and trim any visible fat 
from meat before and after cooking.  Remove skin from 
poultry before or after cooking.  Monitor portion sizes.
(Lean meats end in "loin".)

7. Roast, bake, or broil meat, poultry, or fish, so 
that fat drains away as the food cooks.

8. Use a non-stick pan for cooking so added fat will 
be unnecessary, use a vegetable spray for frying.

9. Chill broths from meat or poultry until the fat 
becomes solid.  Spoon off the fat before using the 

10. Eat a low fat vegetarian main dish at least once 
a week.

Sleep:  The Neglected Variable 
by Nancy Strasser

Nature takes five, 
Custom takes seven, 
Laziness nine, 
And naughtiness eleven. 

These are the requirements for hours of sleep, according to a children’s 
rhyme.  But how many hours does a weightlifter need?  This varies 
from one individual to another, of course.  If you can wake up (without 
an alarm) in the morning, feeling alert and refreshed, you are getting 
enough sleep.   But, if you are like most people in our stressed-out 
society, you consider a good night’s sleep to be a luxury … something 
to be experienced only on the occasional 3-day weekend, after many 
weeks of cumulative sleep deprivation. 

Most weight trainees recognize the need for adequate recovery time. 
But ‘recovery’ from a strenuous workout involves more than just 
waiting a few days before working out again:  it also involves getting 
enough sleep.  The tasks of building and repairing muscle, and 
replenishing the muscle’s  glycogen (sugar stores) are tough enough 
for a sedentary person’s metabolism.  For an active person, who 
continues to work those muscles even while they are recovering, 
sleep is the only time when the body can really catch up on the 

So don’t neglect this important variable in your weight training.  
Schedule your rest with as deep a commitment as you schedule 
your workouts.  Ignore the advice of time-management experts who 
urge you to make extra time in your busy schedule by getting up an 
hour earlier in the morning.   Go to bed an hour earlier, instead!  
There is nothing on your busy schedule that wouldn’t benefit from 
your improved alertness and disposition after a good night’s sleep.  
And there’s nothing in your workout that wouldn’t benefit from the 
opportunity for complete recovery. 

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