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     FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/11/2004 

Rheo Blair Protein Way Of Life Part 2:

Additions to the protein drink 

When you wish to flavor the mixture, you may add some vanilla 
or other favorite flavoring. Whatever flavoring you care to add, 
Blair's proteinalways tastes like melted ice cream. 

If you wish, you may add a raw egg or two to the glassful of
protein drink to provide a higher biological value. A whole egg 
adds about six grams of protein. We recommend that you use 
the whole egg, both yolk and white, and fertile if possible. 

When you wish to make the mixture thicker or more like an ice 
cream malt, try adding some ice milk cubes. Just put milk or 
half-and-half in the ice cube tray and freeze. Adding a few 
cubes to the blender mixture keeps it cold and improves both 
texture and taste. 

How to drink the protein drink

The way you get this protein mixture into the stomach is 
important. Mistakes at this point can spell disappointing 
results. The protein drink is never to be gulped. It is to be 
sipped slowly. Some persons should take at least 30 
minutes to get the glassful swallowed. 

The same goes for milk, which ought always to be sipped 
slowly, taking fifteen minutes to sip a glassful. To make it 
easier, use a straw and pinch the end together. This puts 
milk into the stomach at the same rate a baby does, and 
that is the best way. 

Now, we don't suggest sitting and looking at the drink for thirty 
minutes! Sip it slowly while you keep busy at other things like 
getting ready in the morning, working, studying, working out, etc. 

You might do as Don Howorth does. First thing in the morning he 
would mix or pour the protein drink and start sipping. Then he'd 
shower and sip some more. After shaving, some more. After
 thirty minutes or so he's ready to sip the last and start the
 day's work. 

This slow sipping is important. Many people I meet do not have 
the ability to digest foods as efficiently or to metabolize them 
as readily as they should. Putting foods into the stomach slowly 
helps to handle them more efficiently. 

The way you use water and other liquids can also influence
digestive efficiency. Try to get at least eight glassfuls of liquid 
each day (including your protein drinks). But avoid taking large 
amounts of water with meals as this may seriously dilute the 
digestive juices. 

Rather, sip water between feedings, taking one or two PEPTAIN 
HCL tablets to help maintain the level of stomach acids. If you 
are trying to gain weight, try sipping milk (with Peptain) between 
meals instead of water. 

Take Smaller Feedings

The protein drink makes a full meal; nothing else need be taken 
with it. It is important that we learn to take small feedings and to 
take them oftener. That is why we do not recommend three 
meals a day. Better to take protein snacks slowly all day long,
 in five or seven (or even ten) small feedings. This tends to 
encourage more efficient handling of our food. With this 
discipline we may possibly eat less in volume and still 
receive more real nourishment.

The stomach is normally the size of the two fists put together. 
When we are eating small meals, the stomach tends to shrink 
back to its normal size. For better handling of food, try never 
to fill the stomach more than 2/3 full. Take only the equivalent 
of a 6-or 8-ounce glassful in volume at a time.

You may wish to keep a pitcherful of the protein mixture in the 
refrigerator or carry a thermos so you can have protein 
available at all times. Sip it as regularly as possible while 
working or studying. This can take the place of several of 
your meals or all of them, as you wish.

Those just starting the high protein diet should use smaller 
amounts to begin with and gradually increase the daily intake 
over several weeks. This gives the body a chance to increase 
its efficiency in digestion and assimilation so that it can 
handle greater amounts of this important life-giving substance.

We have found that when one increases the protein intake he 
may want to decrease the amount of potatoes and bread and 
cereals, as well as of salads and vegetables in the diet. 
These other foods take a secondary place to protein and 
they should not be allowed to displace protein in the 
digestive tract.

We feel that some people can handle more protein and 
handle it more efficiently in the proper length of time when
they include an appropriate amount of the protein digestant, 
Peptain HCL. How much should one use? The more protein, 
the more digestive assistance one may require. Again,
a person's own digestive efficiency determines how much 
assistance he needs in order to handle protein in good 
amounts and in the proper length of time.

These busy days some people fall into the habit of missing 
meals. Some are just not hungry on rising, which could be 
due to eating too large an amount the evening before. In 
weight control, missing meals can be serious. Morning is 
the time the body needs protein more than any other time, 
after being without food for about twelve hours. It is 
important to provide protein of good quality early in the 
day. We feel that ideally never an hour should go by 
without some protein going into the stomach. Small 
amounts taken often - this is a valuable secret. But 
miss meals, never!!

Note: Rheo Blair was a famous nutritionist. Health faddists,
movie stars,celebrities and professional bodybuilders 
from around the country flocked to him for his expertise 
and his high quailty protein products. 

All the great bodybuilders of the 50's, 60's and 70's (Arnold,
Frank Zane, Larry Scott, etc.) followed this guy's advice
and got in the biggest and best shape of ther lives. He 
had the secret of achieving steroid-like results without drugs. 

Rheo rationalized that the highest quality protein in terms of 
supporting human growth and well-being would be found 
closer to home - in mother's milk. It is the food that has 
been honed by millions of years of evolution to nourish 
newborns and carry them through their most rapid period 
of growth. Plus, enzymes found in milk, such as colostrum 
and lactoferrin, were believed to have powerful immune 
system-enhancing properties. His famous protein powder 
was based on the amino acid ratios in mothers milk. 

As Rheo Blair products began to fill the shelves of health 
food stores stories abounded of the amazing physical 
transformations he performed on hundreds of "hopeless 
cases," regularly turning 97-pound weaklings into 
strapping men by way of his protein and a vigorous 
volume-based weight training routine.

Similar results were being reported by even advanced 
bodybuilders on the Blair system. In an article in the 
May 1967 issue of Iron Man magazine a bodybuilder 
wrote, 'After being on Rheo's program for only three 
weeks, I made more gains than I had in the past six 
years. I put almost a half-inch on my arms. And after 
two months I [put on] almost 20 pounds [of pure muscle]."

Blair died an untimely death in the early 1980's, some 
say his protein powder was better then anything on the 
market today. But almost forgotten are his amino acid 
capsules that bodybuilders did anything they could to 
get their hands on, because of their almost magic
 muscle building and fat buring effects.

After years of looking we feel we have found an Amino Acid 
supplement that lives up to Blair's. 

We feel that Nitrobol is the best protein "supplement" ever. 
It's the best because it has a "Net Nitrogen Utilization" 
(NNU) of 99%. That means that 99%  of what you take in 
is utilized by your body! Compare that to whey protein 
alone which yields a NNU of only 12%! 

Most of today's leading protein powders offer 17 grams of 
whey protein per serving. However, the NNU is only 2.04 
grams. That means that only 2.04 grams of the 17 grams 
will be utilized by your body. It's amazing that only 
2,000 mg (4 capsules) of Nitrobol equals the 17 gram 
serving of today's' leading protein powder! 

Nitrobol is pre-digested and fully absorbed in less than 
23 minutes.This means the muscle-building aminos 
get to your muscle cells FAST to induce and support 
muscle hypertrophy (growth). Dietary protein takes 
3 to 4 hours to be digested. 

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death - until now. With this information, you can build a 
legendary body the Rheo H Blair way!

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