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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/18/2004                 

The Fat Burining Zone
Exercise Intensity Versus Fat Burning 
by Michael Stefano

In, a recent study conducted in England, at the School of 
Sport and Exericise at Birmingham University, scientists 
have identified the Fat Max Zone. Using 25 moderately 
trained individuals, in both graded and constant exercise 
programs, researchers have concluded that exercising too 
intensely will cause fat burning to markedly drop. 

Fat oxidation, or fat burning, is something the human body 
does quite naturally. Stored body fat, along with the 
carbohydrates we consume, become our main source of fuel, 
or energy. Fortunately, the human body is very good at 
burning fat over a large range of exercise intensities. 
However, if your train too intensley, sugar wil become 
your main source of energy, not fat. 

So what's the right intensity to activate all this fat burning? 

Scientists involved in the study used maximal oxygen 
consumption, or VO2 Max to dertermine exercise intensity. 
VO2 Max is a way of expressing how fit you are by gauging 
how much oxygen your body can use at the cellular level. 

For the best aerobic, or fat burning workout, the traditional, 
recommended range is from 50 to 85 percent of VO2 Max, 
when using the heart rate reserve formula found below. This 
is not to be confused with a simple percentage of your 
maximum heart rate. 

Researchers involved in this Birmingham study found that 
the Fat Max Zone (where the most fat was burned) was 
actually reached at 55 to 72 percent of VO2 Max. This represents 
a substantially narrower range, especially on the high end 
(less a whopping 13 percent), than what was previously accepted. 
Possibly an even more important finding --at levels above 89 
percent fat burning all but ceased. 

(as measured by the heart rate reserve formula)

1. Calculate estimated maximum heart rate (MHR) 
using the following formula:
220 minus age = MHR
Estimated MHR for an average 30 year-old would be:
220-30 = 190 

2. Next, determine resting heart rate (RHR):
Take your pusle for 1 minute white at TOTAL rest:
(Typical RHR = 70) 
Subtract RHR from MHR:
190 - 70 = 120 

3. Calculate percentages: 
55% of 120: = 66 
72% of 120: = 86 

4. Add RHR (70) back into to both numbers:
66 + 70 = 136
86 + 70 = 156 

The Fat Max Zone for an average 30-year-old, would between 
136 and 156 beats per minute. Grab a pencil and paper and calculate
your own Fat Max Zone. 

Without the need of a trainer, and by using the above formula, 
you can make sure your aerobic regimen is working towards 
increasing V02 Max (and your ability to burn fat), while at the 
same time taking place in the Fat Max Zone. 

Aerobic exercise needs to be repeated about 3 or 4 times per 
week, for a period of at least 15 to 20 minutes to achieve 
optimum results. Be sure to pay attention to how you feel, 
as well as how you're breathing, during exercise. 

As a general rule, you shouldn't feel overly fatigued or winded 
during aerobic exercise, and you should be able to speak at least 
three words (or syllables) without taking an in-breath.  

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