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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/9/2004           

The Power of Protein for Bodybuilding and Weightlifting
by Lee Hayward 

Adequate protein intake is essential for building muscle, 
gaining weight and maintaining your physique. Eating quality 
protein with each of your 4-6 meals daily will ensure your 
physique will reach it's potential.

Here are some guidelines on how much protein is optimal:

For muscle building or weight gain: approximately 1-2 grams 
of protein per pound of body weight. (depending on how heavy 
you are training)

For maintenance:  approximately 1 gram of protein per pound 
of body weight.

For weight loss: approximately 1 gram of protein per pound 
of body weight.

Good protein sources include: eggs, egg whites, fish (mostly 
any kind not fried), skinless chicken or turkey breasts, lean 
beef, cottage cheese, meal replacement shakes or bars and 
protein powders.

Protein content of top protein sources:

* Chicken 4oz 20g protein

* Turkey 4oz 22g protein

* Cottage Cheese (whole) 1/2 cup 20g protein

* Tuna in water 4 oz 30g protein

* Shrimp 4oz 17g protein

* Salmon 4oz 21g protein

* Eggs 4 whole 24g protein

* Egg whites 4whites 14g protein

* Hamburger (lean) 4 oz 18g protein

* Steak 4oz 22g protein

* Protein Powder 1 scoop usually between 18-25g protein

* Meal Replacements contain anywhere from 15-60g protein per serving 

Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars (MRP's)- MRP's are 
convenient nutrition meals that can be taken just about 
anywhere and provide your body with the essential nutrients 
it needs during your busy day. Take a box of shakes and bars 
to work for your 3pm snack and go. MRP's are easy and a great 
way to get in 4-6 high protein meals per day.

Protein Powders- Protein powders can also help you reach your 
protein needs. Compared to MRP's that contain a ratio of 
protein, carbohydrate and fat; protein powders are almost 
pure protein. You can drink 'em straight, mix them with fruit 
or milk to make a shake, mix 'em in oatmeal, cereal, yogurt 
or anything else you want.

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