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          FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/23/2004          

7 Quick Fitness, Exercise and Diet Tips

1.    Watch the Sugar 
Often people think by drinking fruit juices or 
eating low-fat fruit roll-ups and such, they are 
cutting out or eliminating sugar.  The fact is 
that some fruit juices have more sugar than a soda.  
Reduction of sugar is important to good health; 
therefore always check out the sugar content of 
anything you put in your mouth, even if it appears 
to be healthy.  

2.    Throw out the Scales  

If you have bathroom scales, you should either get 
rid of them or put them away for a while.  Weight 
does not accurately reflect the level of your 
fitness.  If you should be measuring anything, it 
should be body fat, not the weight.  

3.    Tight Muscles  

In addition to a good aerobic exercise, you should 
add weight training in, which will help balance out 
the fitness routine and provide you with the best 
results.  If you are not sure where to start, a 
professional trainer can help get you started on a 
healthy program. 

4.    Running in the Sand  

If you live in a geographical area, where you have 
the luxury of sandy beaches, and if you are in the 
process of rehabilitating your knees, ankles, and 
even some injuries to the back, you should avoid 
running in the sand during this time.  The reason 
is that running on sand actually produces greater 
force on the joints.  

5.    Increased Protein  

Many diets of today’s society pull you back and 
forth, one telling you to eat more protein, and one 
less.  The fact is that if you are not exercising as 
much as you used to or if you are exercising heavily, 
your body could in fact need more protein than what 
the RDA recommends.  

The good balance for either scenario is 30% to 50% 
carbohydrates, 20% to 30% protein and 20% or 30% from 
fat.  If you stick with this equation, you will 

6.    Be Realistic  

It would be great to be able to jump right into a 
hard workout, feel great, and see instant results.  

However, it is important to be realistic about several 
things.  First, you need to understand that you more 
than likely will not (or should not) start out with a 
hard workout if you have not been in a regular 
exercise routine.  Start out slow and do not set 
yourself up for failure by expecting miracles overnight.  

Getting fit takes time and with commitment, you will 
reach your goals.  

7.     Track Progress  

Often when trying to get in shape, it seems like you 
are working hard and sweating, but getting nowhere.  
In actuality, things are happening, just not yet seen.  

Keep track of two things in particular.  First, track 
your measurements.  You will probably be surprised 
within only a few weeks at the progress made.  Second, 
track your routines so you can determine what is 
working for you and what is not as successful.  

You can use anything from a plain notebook to a PDA... 
it doesn’t matter what you use... just keep track! 

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