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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 6/30/2004          

Exercise To Increase Vertical Leap

Strengthening your legs and their fast-twitch muscle fibers can add 
inches to your vertical jump. This can help your basketball, 
volleyball or football game tremendously.  
1.   Begin every workout by warming up your muscles and then 
doing extensive leg stretches. Because you'll be building muscle 
fibers that are used for explosive activities such as jumping, 
stretching is of the utmost importance.  
2.   Jump rope for its excellent cardiovascular conditioning. This 
step should never be skipped, as it will be an important 
contributor to your results.  
3.   Sprint. This builds muscle, which will add to your jumping 
4.   Run stairs on your toes. Start by running up a flight, one step 
at a time. Walk down and run back up, taking two steps at a time. 
Repeat as many times as you can manage.  
5.   Do sets of elevated jumps (see the next section).  
6.   Do sets of explosive jumps (see the third section).  
7.   Do sets of double jumps (see the third section).  
8.   Rest your legs at least two days a week. Results will come 
from sustaining the exercise program, not performing it 
aggressively for a few weeks and then slacking off.  
1.   Begin by placing a step bench or platform on the ground 
(many health clubs have a platform for just this purpose).  
2.   Stand on the platform, then jump backward onto the ground, 
concentrating on landing softly.  
3.   Jump back onto the platform immediately, with a bouncing 
4.   Complete three sets of 10 repetitions. Be very careful when
performing this exercise, as there is a potential for injury.  
1.   Position yourself for an explosive leg jump by facing a secure 
platform and placing your right foot on it.  
2.   Jump as high as you can, concentrating on exploding off the 
right leg. Scissor your legs once in the air, then land with your 
left foot on the platform and your right foot on the floor. Gather 
yourself and explode upward again, this time off the left foot.  
3.   Do three sets of 10 repetitions, resting for about 30 seconds 
to 1 minute between sets.  
4.   Execute a double jump by jumping as high as possible with 
both feet from a stationary position.  
5.   Jump again immediately upon landing, using less effort.  
6.   Repeat until you've accomplished three sets of 10 jumps 

Try this exercise program to improve vertical leap and 
maybe you'll be the next Michael Jordan!


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