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       FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/1/2001                  

Weight Training and Balanced Body Symmetry

In bodybuilding, symmetry is probably one of the most 
critical elements. 

Take a good, long look at your body in a full length mirror. 
Size up both sides of your body, compair your shoulders 
and pectoral muscles, and size up your arms and legs. 
You can also use a measuring tape to check your legs 
and arms. But don't get too worried if your right arm or 
thigh is 1/4 inch bigger, It's natural to have one side just 
a little bigger.

Remeber, muscle shape from one side to the other is a 
matter of genetics.  Take Arnold for example. Compare 
his left peak on his bicep with his right. One was flat 
and one had a big peak.

But if you have one side is so much bigger that you can 
see it in the mirror, this is a situation that you will want
to work on. 

Whether your right or left handed your dominant side is 
almost always bigger and stronger than the other. But
what happens if the imbalance is too much? You see it 
someime in the gym. Somebody is benching and the bar
looks like itís going to tip over because one arm is 
stronger than the other. 

The surest cure for the asymmetrical body is in using 
dumbbells or a bilateral weight machine to be sure that 
each limb is doing its equal share of work. 

Most two handed barbell or machine movements allow for 
one limb to work harder than the other. Cut these exercises 
out for a couple weeks or keep them to a minimum.

Pecs Uneven?

For example let's say you have uneven pecs, stop doing
barbell bench press and do dumbbell bench and dumbbell
flys. Go all the way down for a deep stretch and concentrate 
on feeling both sides work evenly.

Dumbbell presses will work your pecs individually so the
stronger  one can't pick up the slack. Do your normal set
(8-10 reps for example), then rest for a few seconds holding 
the dumb bells in the down position, then do two - three more 
reps on the smaller side. 

Anther idea is to spend some time working only your weak 
side, or at least concentrating on it. Treat a muscle imbalance
like a lagging body part. That means exercise it first in your 
workout. For example, if my right bidep were weaker than my 
left, I would perform all the dumbbell curls for my right side 
before I would switch over to the left. And after my workout I 
might do 1 - 2 extra sets for my rignt arm.

But strength is only part of the asymmetry solution. 
To even out your motor skills, when doing any exercise,
always concentrate on your left side if you are right handed, 
try to think left handed. This improves the mind to muscle

It may take some time to even out though, and remeber 
people generally aren't 100 % perfectly symmetrical.



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