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       Fitness Tips For 10/20/2004          

Setting Your Fitness Goals 
By Chris Zaino 

"I'm going to lose 20 pounds!" or "I am going to get back in 
shape this year!". These are just two of many goals I here 
people throwing around day in and day out. There is nothing 
wrong with having goals. It is whether or not you stick with 
achieving them or not that makes the difference. Everyone 
has goals that they want to achieve, but it is the loss of 
motivation, discipline, and drive that gets in our way to 
achieve them. 

Why not make contracts with yourself? Yes, a real contract, 
signature and all, to achieving your goals. I am going to give 
you a simple outline of a contract that you can use to put 
yourself on track to reach your goals once and for all. 
The outline for your contract consists of five parts. These 
parts are:

1. Long Term Goals
2. Short Term Goals (be very specific) 
3. Payoffs and Benefits 
4. Rewards 
5. Action Plan 

You first must get out a sheet of paper and think about ways 
to better yourself and translate these ways into goals. The 
first part, Long - Term Goals, should be something you want to 
achieve within 1-3 years and not too general. For example it 
might be to compete in a fitness contest or to buy a car you 
had your eyes on. 

Now you go to the second part, which are Short- Term Goals. This 
is where you must be very specific. This should be a REALISTIC 
goal that you will set out to achieve within an 8-12 week period. 
Examples are to drop your bodyfat from 18% to 14% or to increase 
your bench press from 260lbs to 300lbs. Your short-term goals 
are the ones that you will be shooting for now that when combined 
with your other short-term goals will yield your long-term goal. 

Payoffs and Benefits is the third section. This is where you will 
write down what the benefits of your long-term goal when you 
achieve it. Let's take losing weight that is a common goal for 
most people. Losing weight will make you feel better, look better, 
a greater sense of well-being, clothes fitting better, makes you 
look younger, etc. Whatever you feel your goal will benefit you 
when it is achieved write down. 

The fourth part is Rewards. This is the fun part. Write down the 
rewards you will give yourself when the goal is achieved. Again, 
using weight as an example, It might be to buy yourself a new 
dress, or for guys a nice suit. Make sure it is a great reward 
because you will owe to yourself when your goal is met. 

The Fifth and final, and most important, is your ACTION PLAN. 
This is the section where you will list the things you will 
change, do, or acknowledge everyday to achieve you short term 
goal that will eventually lead to your ultimate long term goal. 
Here is an example for some looking to drop their body fat 
let's say 4% and to put on about three pounds of muscle:

Train with weights at least 3-4 times a week 
Complete 30 min. of Cardio on empty stomach 4-6 days a week. 
Prepare all my meals in advance (prevents cheating on junk 
Eat a clean low fat ,well balanced diet (at least 4-5 small 
meals a day) 
Keep a daily journal of how I feel and what I eat 
Your ACTION PLAN must also be specific and realistic. I 
wouldn't run 10 miles a day at the very beginning so instead 
shoot for two.

Now it is time to make it legal. With all five parts complete 
write the following statements: "I hereby state that will 
abide by everything listed above, I can do it! It will be 
achieved! There is no stopping me! I have the discipline 
determination, and the will to achieve all of my goals! 
With out doubts consider it done!!!

Signature______________________ Date_________

Your contract is now valid and it is up to you and your 
passions to achieve your goal. Make copies of your contract 
and post it everywhere. On the refrigerator at work, make 
sure you see it at least five times a day. 

Another handy tip is to hang up a calendar. If you followed 
your ACTION PLAN perfectly for that day, initial that day 
on your calendar. It will give you a sense of accomplishment 
at the end of each day and to see how discipline you are 
staying towards achieving your goal.

You can use this contract to achieve any goal you want from 
being a better student in school to learning how to cook a 
gourmet meal. There is no goal too large or too small. A 
goal cannot be met without taking action. So take the time 
to make a contract to your goals, and don't let anything get 
in your way. If you do not do something to better yourself 
today, you will be the same tomorrow as you were yesterday. 
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