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       Fitness Tip For 10/27/2004           

Fitness Weight Loss Tips For Effective Weight Loss 
- THE FAT MUST GO! Stay away from fat! Get rid of all the chips and 
candy. No more fast food, nothing fried. No more cookies, no more 
cake, no more of these  saturated fats. There is no question about 
it and there is no way around it, get rid  of these types of foods. 
Don't get me wrong, there is no way to eat 0 grams of fat  every 
day. BUT, the only places you should be getting any of your daily 
fat intake  from are lean meats (not the fried fast food kind), 
chicken (again, not fried!), etc.  as well as the foods that contain 
the "healthy" types of fat, which can be found in  just about every 
type of fish (tuna fish, salmon, etc.), nuts and flaxseed oil.  
- LOWER THE CARBS! Most people think that it is fat that makes 
people fat and  that just by eating less fat, they are on their way 
to weight loss! WRONG! They are only half right. Carbs are just 
as bad as fat. Stay away from high carb foods. Carbs will 
eventually turn into fat. Foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatos, 
etc. are high in  carbs. Sure, you need some carbs, which is 
why foods like these are ok to eat, but  only eat a little of it! 
Stick to high protein low carb/low fat foods like tuna fish (and  
other seafood), chicken breast, turkey, fruits and vegetables 
- NO JUNK FOOD!  Stay away from foods that contain white flour 
and large amounts of sugar.   Additionally, do not eat foods that 
have been greatly processed. Try to eat as natural as possible. 
- WATER! Drink water! Get rid of the soda, get rid of the beer, 
and get rid of the sports drinks. Drink around a half gallon of a 
day, more if you can. Spread it out  throughout the day, just like 
your 5 meals. Yes thats alot of water, but its that water that will 
speed your weight loss.  
- STRENGTH TRAINING! YES! Weightlifting isn't just great for 
muscles, its great for losing weight. Muscles burn calories.  
- MONITOR YOUR PROGESS! Weigh yourself at the end of every 
week. If you ever have more then 2 weeks go  by without losing 
1 pound, its time to change something. Eat 250 less calories 
then  you've been eating. And keep everything else the same. 
Each time you see weight  loss stop for more then 2 weeks, 
decrease calorie intake by 250 until you get down to where 
you want to be. Remember, NEVER starve yourself!  
- SLEEP! The easiest, yet most over looked step. Get atleast 
8 hours of sleep a night. Trust me, your gonna need it! 
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