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17-HD Supplement Vyotech

17-HD (17- Halo-Methyl-Diana-drone) is a revolutionary all natural anabolic formula designed to help pack on lean muscle pounds. It elevates serum levels of free testosterone resulting in an increase in strength, size, and work-out intensity. The patent pending hydroxalation process rearranges the hydrogen and oxygen molecules on the natural steroid ring of a highly anabolic South American plant source. However, there are no additional synthetic "side chain" attached (This would be classified as a designer steroid because the synthetic side chain is added). This potent substrate is in your system in a matter of minutes giving a rush of pure power which reaches every muscle cell in your body. It is not only highly androgenic and anabolic but it also causes rapid cell regeneration, and is anti-estrogenic as well. If your looking for a leaner more muscular physique, and hair raising intensity during your workouts, Then 17-HD is the answer. After only one pill you can't deny the amazing power of this cutting edge phenomenon. 17-HD is the new King of natural muscle enhancement.

17-HD User Reviews

 I am currently in the end of the 3rd week and I have had good strength and muscle size increase. Yes I mean muscle mass not overall mass (water bloat) like other products mention. 17hd is great effects so far..

If you work out in the morning...this will work for you. Just take it with some food. If you are already taking test boosters then you may not notice as much of a difference. If you are not though, you will notice the energy and strength that it provides. If you are not sleeping well, your energy levels will decrease compared to the first time you took it(you were probably well rested at that time)
I would not wish this garbage upon anyone. Honestly, you can get the same results from drinking a cup of coffee before you work out. This stuff will give you energy, and thats all.......seventy dollar energy.  Its worthless, so dont waste your money, buy something like no-xplode, or superdrol, or something that actually does what it claims to.
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