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The Human Fuel Gauge Software Review

Top Rated Product
fitness diet and nutrition software
X-Size Fitness Diet and Nutrition Software

Program Description:

Food Intake Training or "FIT" is the key benefit of using the Human Fuel Gauge software to track what you eat.  Once you learn to make the right food choices for YOU - you will experience a great feeling of control over your own health.  Remember, YOU are a unique individual with unique tastes and a unique genetic makeup.  Eat foods that you like and let the Human Fuel Gauge help you learn to fit what you like to eat into a healthy diet.  Remember, in moderation, there are no "forbidden" foods (unless of course you have a medical condition which prohibits certain foods)  By learning to read the nutritional makeup of foods and letting the Human Fuel Gauge software do the math - you will find that eating a well-balanced diet can be accomplished without sacrificing taste or taking up an enormous amount of your time.

Here's how it works...

Step 1 -     Learn what is in the food you eat.

This is much easier than it sounds.  Most foods that you find in your grocery store have all of the information you need printed right on their label.  We will provide all the instructions you need for understanding these labels.  Also, many restaurants will provide you with nutrition information for the foods they serve, all you have to do is ask.


Step 2 -     Enter foods you plan to eat into the software.       

You only have to do this one time for each food you eat.  You need to record the nutrition information in the Human Fuel Gauge.  Then, the Human Fuel Gauge will store the information in your own personal database for future use. You will soon find out that NOT ALL IS AS IT SEEMS.  For example: foods that are labeled "FAT FREE" may sometimes be overloaded with other things like sodium or sugar that can be just as harmful to your health if you are eating too much.


Step 3 -     Establish your beginning food intake goals.

We have compiled information from our research to help make some decisions about what your initial food intake goals should be.  You will find these in the Food Intake Training - Nutritional Information link on the Help menu inside the software.  The software makes it EASY to adjust your goals as you see how your body responds to what you are eating.


Step 4 -     When you eat a food you simply pick it from your food database to add it to your daily totals.

As your personal food database grows, you will find that even in a diet consisting of a wide variety of foods, there are many foods, staples  and seasonings that you will consume over and over again.  So, eventually you will enter less new foods and simply pick foods you already have stored in your database.  With just a mouse click you can add a food to your daily list and see how it affects your goals!  If it doesn't work for you, simply remove it and choose something else.


Step 5 -     You eat! Let the Human Fuel Gauge track your progress!

As you eat and record your food intake, the Human Fuel Gauge will keep track of your Calories, Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fiber, Protein, Calcium and Fat Percentage.  You can quickly see what you need to do with each meal to meet your goals.  The sorting and searching features of the software, make it easy for example to find high protein foods if you are low on protein for the day.  Quickly add and remove foods to design a menu that helps you achieve your goals.  The focus during the development of the Human Fuel Gauge was to make it QUICK and EASY to create and maintain a healthy and ENJOYABLE diet.


Step 6 -    Use what you've learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The greatest benefit of using the Human Fuel Gauge is Food Intake Training.  Over time you will develop a built-in sense of what a healthy diet consists of.  This will enable you to make sensible eating choices that fit YOUR lifestyle. 

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