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Accelerated Muscular Development Review

accelerated muscular development
Jim Smith's Accelerated Muscular Development System

Jim Smith also known as Smitty is well known for delivering high quality products on health, fitness and gaining muscle but the Accelerated Muscular Development (AMD) product he has released is in a class of its own. There are and have been plenty of products that promise you quick muscle gain but this AMD pack is something that shows you a step by step and safe way to get results fast.

This article will briefly review the different videos and training that you will get when you purchase the AMD pack. As mentioned above there are many products that are similar to this one but have very little focus on structural balance, or keeping the body healthy, while building muscle and/or losing body fat.

The first is the AMD Quick Start Guide which outlines the basic system, and describes the general training templates you have to choose from. It provides a brief rationale for the various training components. The quick start guide also helps you determine which program is best suited for you.

The second is the AMD Essential Exercise Video Index which offers videos of all the primary exercises you can perform in the AMD program. On some exercises you'll see a basic demonstration, whereas others you'll get quite a bit of coaching on proper technique and execution.

The third is the AMD Primary Exercise List, AER Exercise List, and Power CORE Exercise List and what it consists of is a series of documents that provide a list of all the exercises you can choose to utilize in the AMD program. This includes all your primary exercises, foam rolling, activation and mobility drills.

The fourth is where you really get your money's worth called the AMD 2.0 Main Manual and starts off with a basic overview of the muscle-building process. While many programs are ok with simply telling you "do-this, do-that" etc., Smitty takes the time to explain the actual physiology behind the science of muscle growth.

The manual includes detailed explanation about nutrition for fat-loss and building muscle and includes calorie allocation and counting. Smitty explains in detail how you can create your own hybrid system in the AMD system. The manual also includes Focus on structural balance and joint integrity, recovery and Step-by-Step programming.

The fifth part of the AMD pack is the AMD Essential Recovery (AER) Manual. Which is somewhat similar to the main manual including where pictures and descriptions of all foam rolling, mobility and activation exercises.

The sixth part of the pack is the AMD Power Core (CORE) Manual. This starts with an explanation of what core training is and is broken up into parts that you need like basic, advanced and elite. The manual includes a large selection of different exercises that you can choose from.

The seventh section is the AMD Explosive Fat Loss Manual. This includes some dynamic fat-loss choices that you can choose from. Smitty starts by describing how you can effectively integrate fat loss programming into the AMD basic template. And again, Smitty really outdoes himself here there are TONS of different fat loss options DB circuits, KB circuits, sandbags, complexes, etc.

The last and the section on the AMD pack is a bonus called the AMD Deadlift Manual 101. Although the whole pack spends a lot of time explaining the correct use of all compound movements this goes the extra mile to show you the exact technique you should use and how to increase the weight.

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