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Avoid Steroids

By Paul Becker author of the Truly Huge Program

The urge to take steroids can be very strong sometimes when bodybuilding gains are slow to nonexistent. When you see or hear of someone gaining 20 to 30 pounds of solid muscle after going on the juice. Yes, it can be very tempting to try them and see what they can do for you or how big you can really get. But I feel the following reasons to avoid steroids for bodybuilding far outweigh the temptation to take steroids.

Reasons to Avoid Steroids for Bodybuilding

1) You get to keep your hair.

2) Who wants acne again?

3) Steroids are illegal, who wants to risk jail time, not me.

4) Gains from steroids are transient; you lose all the size and strength when you stop taking the drugs.

5) Steroids lower your own natural production of testosterone.

6) Steroids are damaging to your health.

7) Steroids are expensive.

8) Steroids can be psychologically addictive.

9) Steroids can be potentially deadly.

10) Keep your integrity, you promised yourself you would never take steroids, so don't betray yourself now by going back on your word.

11) You get to say, "Iím totally natural" without having to lie.

12) Steroids have many bad side effects.

13) Natural bodybuilders live longer and stay in shape well into their golden years.

14) Steroids can cause mental instability.

15) Natural bodybuilders are more knowledgeable about training and diet then steroids users.

You made the right choice to be a natural bodybuilder, you earn every ounce of muscle you gain, be proud of what you've accomplished and what you will accomplish in the future. And when you're in your 50's and still in great shape yet the steroids users are dying of heart attacks, you can proudly say you did it naturally.

The Truly Huge program is a proven bodybuilding training method of building powerful muscles as quickly as possible, without the use of drugs. For more information checkout the Truly Huge Workout

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Reasons to Avoid Steroids for Bodybuilding

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