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Bench for Reps Review

bench for reps
Bench for Reps Program

We are certainly not all blessed with the ability to bench-press our own bodyweight for high reps or even one rep in some cases. But if you are a regular trainer with weights and you want to be able to bench your own bodyweight for reps without a problem then read on.

The NFL uses the overall strength endurance test to test someone who they think might be eligible to play for them and they use what is called the combine. But actually the ONLY weight they use in the whole test is the bench-press with weights.

They expect all competitors from the heavy linemen, linebackers and tight ends to the lighter defensive backs and receivers to lift their own bodyweight at least 15 times without stopping. The linemen are expected to lift their own bodyweight in a bench-press at least 30 or 40 times.

If you want some good advice on how to press your own bodyweight then you need to start with your form or your technique. If you aren't engaging the right muscles for the bench press, you will not be able to apply the maximum force.

It is always inefficient movements that will result in a less than stellar performance and that's NOT only for a 1 Rep Max. Over the course of an entire set, you could be losing 3-5 reps just from not knowing proper form or test taking protocol.

The only way that you are ever going to get stronger in any movement is by training for it. If you want to press your own bodyweight many times over then you need to train for that by making sure that one of your four workouts per week is a max effort session where you will be performing sets of 2 reps or 3 reps.

If you want to do reps with your bodyweight then you must match maximal strength with muscular endurance if you wish to crush this test. The way to do this is during the bench for reps program you'll have a rep-day where you bang out lots of repetitions.

Another important point is that you need to incorporates assistance exercises, plus there's a lower body day where you perform other big compound movements that release muscle building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

The "bench for reps program" teachers how to utilize rhythm reps and stroke reps for maximum results which can be watched on video exactly how to get this done correctly. It also shows you exactly how to ace the NFL bench-press test and what to avoid.

In summary there is a list of what you get when you purchase the Bench For Reps Program and it looks like this:

1. You will train four times per week.

2. Each session should take less than 1-hour of your valuable time.

3. You'll work all your muscles and train your entire body. There's even a metabolic conditioning session each week to keep you lean and conditioned.

4. The entire program is only 8-Weeks long.

The program works for the 225-Rep Test and for the Bodyweight Bench for Reps Challenge.

Download Bench for Reps PDF

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