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Bench Press Technique

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Proper Bench Press Technique

Doing a bench press correctly is something that should be covered when you start for the first time doing this movement. Simply because doing any part of the movement incorrectly when you are just starting will lead to bad habits that will be difficult to break.

Obviously there are many variations of a bench press for example taking a wider grip than normal in order to stress more of the pec-delt tie-ins or some other fancy variation that most weight-trainers try at some time or another. But the basics are the basics and have not changed in 50 years.

What it means is that the angle of your elbows should be exactly 90% and that your hands are directly above your shoulders when you start. There are some variations on the breathing and some people will tell you that if you hold your breath you will get more strength on the push.

It goes without saying that we all know that one should breathe out on exertion on any and all movement but sometimes holding breath can be an advantage. If you are training heavy then you should give it a try holding your breath for a second while you push up.

There are many professional bodybuilders that swear by this holding of the breath even if it is for just a second. After you get to the top of the press there is the classic lockout which is what is used in all bench press competitions to note the end of the movement.

The triceps are in maximum extension when you are locked out and the stress is taken off your chest completely. This is important to consider when you are thinking of taking a break in the lockout position because your chest is having a good break while you are doing that.

There are some great bodybuilders like the ex-Mr. Olympia Chris Dickenson who used to train his chest doing bench press without locking out at all specifically for this reason. He said that the lockout gives his chest a rest and that is not what he is trying to do.

Bringing the bar down to your chest is called an eccentric movement and you will be 60% stronger than doing the concentric movement which is pushing the bar up. Often when doing negatives the spotter will push down on the bar in order to help you reach failure.

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Bench Press Technique

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