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Bench Press Tips

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Bench Press Tips and Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks that you can change in your chest workout in order to radically improve the maximum weight that you can currently bench press. But in order to get the most benefit you need to ask yourself a few serious questions.

For example when you are training with your maximum lift where are you starting to fail? For example it will tell you a lot if you are starting to fail when locking out or if you are starting to fail when you are straightening out on the push off your chest.

It is important to note here that you should always be keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides as close as you can get it. You should also be using the floor on which your feet are resting and push against the floor in order to get the weight off your chest to start off.

Some other questions that you should take the time to ask yourself are things like what are your strengths in a bench press? In other words where on the movement are you the strongest? This will tell you a lot about the muscles that need to be concentrated on.

For example if you are having trouble in locking out when you are lifting your maximum then it is obviously your triceps that need a little care and attention. This means that you should change the routine that you are working and train triceps when they are fresh and not just after training chest.

It is also important to note if you have ever had any injuries in the past when doing bench press. Because if this is the case then you need to do some extra work on the muscles that were injured for two reasons. The first is the physiological rehabilitation and the second is the psychological rehabilitation that might well be the reason you are on a plateau.

You will always be able to change something in your program in order to break through that dreaded plateau that all weight trainers know so well. There are many things that you can change but the better your records are of your previous routines the more successful you will be at changing them

Knowing what has worked for you in the past can be extremely valuable information when starting to look at how to change you current routine. This is only going to come from keeping records of what works and what doesn't as everyone is different and there is no single movements that gets the same results with everyone.

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Bench Press Tips

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