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Bench Press Workout

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Bench Press Workout for Mass and Strength

Without a doubt the best way to get out of a plateau that you might have reached in increasing your bench press is to spend some time increasing the strength of your triceps. This is done by using anything from close grip bench press to heavy triceps extensions.

But there are other very useful things that you can do when trying to breakout of that dreaded plateau that all weight trainers go through at some time or another. Before we go into that however it is important to note here that you should be very weary that you are not just training in your comfort zone.

What this means is that too often we get into the habit of doing the same movement the same way doing the same sets and reps. This is something that is going to produce a plateau of non-gains very quickly as you have to keep your body stressed by constantly changing the stress that you put on the muscles.

It can be something very small for example changing or reversing the grip of your bench press can make a huge difference to the amount of triceps that you use in doing that movement. If you are not thinking about what you are doing when you train you will certainly stop gaining very fast.

Many weight trainers, especially newbies, fall into the trap of thinking that if they train more they will get more muscle. This is not true at all and you only have to ask someone who knows what they are doing to release that “less is more” which means you need to rest.

A good solid eight hours of sleep a night together with eating correctly and drinking lots of water is what will put on a lot more muscle than over-training which will actually give you less muscle. When you train it should be with focused intensity and not just another workout to get through.

It is a good idea to train your triceps on a day that you are not training your chest so that you can attack them when they are fresh. If you do this you will get the results that you seek in increasing the amount of weight that you can bench press.

It might sound ridiculous but honestly taking a week off training will often produce very good results when you start again. Not only will you get good results because the muscle have had time to completely recover and repair but you will certainly get the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a week’s rest.

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Bench Press Workout

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