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Best Muscle Building Exercises

By Oliver Wolter

How To Find The Best Exercises For Maximum Muscle Gains

If you are honestly considering to build muscle mass without the aid of doping, you should leave nothing to chance. If somebody tells you that exercise program X or Y works well, that might be true, but a question remains:

Am I really making the best improvements to create muscle mass?

I don't know about you, but I have wasted precious time by always trying the latest "supersystem" - just to find out that many programs work on a short time - but lose all their magic on a long term basis. I really started to improve only when I actually started to analyze and tried to find out what works in a program and what does not.

The improvements came quicker than I ever imagined.

So lets not waste any further time and start optimizing your program by finding the optimum combination of exercises.

While exchanging exercises you should keep in mind to only swap equivalent exercises (only exercises with the same "worth").

This means only exchange chin-ups for lat-pulling, but never bench-press for fly or butterfly. Always use equivalent exercises to swap.

If you have decided on an exercise which you want to swap in a training plan, first look for an alternative.

Let's assume you want to exchange triceps pushing for French press. Go through the following steps first:

1. Determine the maximum weight for both exercises.

2. Do as many reps as possible with only 80% of the maximum weight.

3. Once you have finished use measuring tape to measure the size of your upper arm and note it down

4. Have a 5 minute break and move on to the second exercise with 80% weight as well. Again do as many reps as possible.

5. Measure your upper arm size again and note it down as well (just like the first time).

Using this method you are finding out how your body reacts to the exercises. Let's assume you measured 0,1 cm more after doing the second exercises than you measured after finishing the first exercise.

This means your body reacts more to the second exercise. Therefore you can swap the first exercise for the second exercise.

Finally I can only suggest you to do the test! Optimize your training program and improve muscle building by 20, 30 and even up to 50 percent.

Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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