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The Basics of Bodybuilding

By Paul Becker author of the Truly Huge Program

These is a disease running rampant in gyms today, it is called "Bassus Ingnoscere" in its proper Latin, but to us laymen it is just plain "ignorance of the basics". It is highly contagious and is passed on to others in the casual contact of training discussions. It can be traced originally to the reading of articles in the muscle magazines written by "the best bodybuilders" and "the top bodybuilding authorities".

The symptoms of this disease are quite obvious to recognize:

An extremely underdeveloped physique.

Showing a know-it-all attitude and constancy talking about the very latest discoveries in exercise science.

Doing all kinds of fancy exercises and using many advanced techniques, yet never really working hard in the gym.

Trying all the new bodybuilding supplements, buying all the latest books and courses on the market in desperation to find the secret answers on how to get big muscles.

Not believing the truth when they hear it, because "the answers couldn't be that simple".

This disease is deadly to training progress and can be quite hard to cure sometimes, as it's almost impossible to teach someone something that he feels he knows all about already.

I run into many victims of this disease in my personal training and correspondence with fellow bodybuilders. Fortunately, I am now immune to this disease and if you are not yet, you hopefully soon will be.

"What can we do about this terrible disease?", you ask.

The first thing to do is inoculate yourself by learning the following fundamentals. Use them in your training and when you see the results you will never be fooled by hype and mumbo jumbo again.

You are cured, hallelujah!

Next teach these basics to others who are truly willing to learn and let them see their results, then let them spread the gospel brothers and sisters, the gospel of the basics of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Basics

1) In order to get bigger you must get stronger.

2) Use compound exercises (like the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc.) to hit your bodies largest muscle masses (legs, hips, back, chest, etc).

3) Keep your workouts short and infrequent.

4) Insure that you recuperate fully between each workout.

5) Get enough sleep.

6) Eat a healthy natural diet.

7) These is no other secret then hard work.

8) No amount of supplements or elaborate techniques will help you gain mass if you are not pushing up your poundages in the basic exercises.

9) Always use good exercise form.

10) Don't use steroids; they give you only transient gains that aren't worth the health risks involved.

We may beat this terrible disease yet!

The Truly Huge program is a proven bodybuilding training method of building powerful muscles as quickly as possible, without the use of drugs. For more information checkout the Truly Huge Workout

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The Basics of Bodybuilding

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