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Burn Fat Without Cardio

How to burn fat without doing cardio

By The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

There are a lot of trainers who do cardio very reluctantly because they find it tedious or boring but if your objective is to lose fat then you should know that it can all be done very effectively without doing cardio. Exercises like stationary bike, treadmills, rowing machines etc. are not required if you want to lose fat.

Before discussing the weight training exercises that are recommended in order to burn fat without cardio you should become more aware of your energy that you burn. Small things like scrubbing the floor and getting down on your hands and knees will burn over 400 calories an hour. One could have the same with raking the yard or sweeping the decks and patios instead of using a blower.

There are many other ways of burning more calories during your day. For example parking your car a little farther from your work place and walk briskly. Take the stairs whenever you get a chance or use the restroom on a different floor.

The result will be that you not only burn more calories every day but the long-term effect on the speed of your metabolism and your general stress will definitely improve. There are many more examples that can be added here from simple things like taking the kids to the park to ballroom dancing the list is endless.

The most effective way to lose fat without doing any cardio is by doing circuit training two or three times a week. Condition your body aerobically and build muscle in one workout by moving from one resistance exercise to another with minimal rest.

For example, perform eight to 10 squats with dumbbells, eight to 10 dead lifts, eight to 10 side lunges, 10 to 50 pushups and eight to 10 rows with only 30 seconds rest in between. Take a breather and repeat the circuit one or two more times depending on your fitness level. An hour of circuit training burns 756 calories - a half hour is plenty.

This is only an example and it must be stressed that there are countless ways that you can train very effectively using interval training. The more intense your workout is the more muscle you will add and the more calories you will use.

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Burn Fat Without Cardio

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