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Calcium Dietary Supplement Review

Calcium is known best of all it's benefits as a promoter of healthy and strong bones. But it plays a critical role in performance as well. Too little calcium and you can't relax your muscles. Bad relaxation, makes for less potential energy and so on and ultimately for less than satisfactory contraction. Bad contraction equals bad workouts and no growth. Get the picture? By improving relaxation you avoid cramping, injury and twitching.

Calcium is also very important in fat metabolization, so no cigar for the people who claim milk is fattening. It makes for less fat storage and better use of present macronutrients in the blood. Using the recommended FDA dosage has shown to decrease body-fat significantly in obese people.

It's no secret that the RDV (recommended daily values) were established back in the 60's and 70's for a 2000 calorie diet. I don't know many bodybuilders that grow on a 2000 calorie diet. As a matter of fact I know very few who go below that when dieting.

Also the amounts are outdated, so instead of the recommended 1000 mg you should be closer to 2000-2500 mg of calcium daily. Milk can help you get a large part of that. And it's safe to use on a diet too, because of the high calcium content and the not so fattening simple sugar lactose that makes up the carbohydrate portion of milk.

And last but not least calcium lowers the blood pressure, may reduce stress and definitely improves the quality of sleep. If that doesn't sell you on milk, I don't know what will. But there is more...

I would just like to add that calcium is the transport means of large number of amino acids and creatine. It has been an issue that combining large amounts of protein with creatine can hinder the effect of last-named nutrient. Though it is best to wait half an hour or so in general, there are exceptions.

After a workout and with plenty of carbs the issue is non-existent. Because of the importance of calcium to the bodybuilder it is of utmost importance to respect the calcium need of the body and supply adequate vitamins for its proper functioning. Calcium does not react well to Phosphorus, Sodium, coffee and white flour. All of them will eliminate Calcium. Too much of a certain nutrient (be it protein, fats or carbs) can inhibit absorption. Tetracyline will bind to calcium ions and block the absorption of both substances.

Calcium supplement side effects - The most common adverse effects of calcium supplements are constipation, intestinal bloating and excess gas. If simple measures such as increased fluids and fiber intake do not solve the problem, another form of calcium should be tried.

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