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Creatine Dosage

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What is the recommended creatine monohydrate dosage?

Creatine supplements can actually be taken by anybody starting from teenagers up to older people as long as they need a boost in their energy for doing strenuous activities like weightlifting. But even though creatine is said to be safe, one should also remember that knowing the right creatine dosage is still crucial. Moreover, there is no such thing as one-dosage that would work for everyone.

Say that an average person having a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet would like to try the supplement. The creatine dosage recommended for him is about 5 grams up to 20 grams a day. However, when knowing the right creatine dosage it is important that you also consider other factors as well such as the body’s fat percentage, your weight, fitness, the routine that you want to perform, and your fitness goals as well. More importantly, you should also consult a nutritional practitioner before taking any creatine dosage.

The creatine dosage that you would take also varies depending on what phase you are on namely the loading phase, the maintenance phase, and the off phase.

The right creatine dosage for the loading phase must be taken at least five days before starting the maintenance phase. This phase is essential in order for your muscles to saturate with the supplement. To compute this you must convert your body weight to kilograms and multiply it by 0.3 (the recommended dosage for every kg that you weigh). The result that you would get must be divided into 4. This would be the loading dose that you should take every four hours.

Change the creatine dosage by the time you are already at the maintenance phase. The dosage recommended during this phase ranges from 2 up to 5 grams every day. This would be the phase where you would replace the creatine that you have lost during the day especially after doing your strenuous exercise routines. More often than not, specialists recommend that the maintenance phase should only last for 30 days since you will no longer get benefits from creatine afterwards. Therefore, in order to maintain the muscles that you gained while using the creatine supplement you must have the right training and the proper diet at the same time.

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