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Cyclodextrin Prohormones

Q. What are cyclodextrin prohormones?

A. Simply, cyclodextrin is a method of making prohormones water-soluble which alows them to be desloved with saliva and then pass though the lining of the mouth easily. This highly increases it's bioavailability. This means you can take less of the prohomes then with orals and get a higher result. Q. How do I take cycledextrins?

A. Place one tablet under tongue and let dissolve completely. Can be taken as much as 5 times a day, but the doses should be spread out at least a few hours apart. It may also help to take once prior to exercise. Continue this routine even on your rest days.

Q. Can I take more then the recomended 25 mg of cyclocyclodextrin prohormones and get higher results?

A. Reasearch has shown that 50 mg of cyclocyclodextrin prohormones were no more effective then 25 mg. So there is no advantage to taking more at one time, just take another a few hours later if you think you need more.

Q. How soon will my hormone levels rise and how long will the elevation last?

A. The elevation happens almost immediately and reaches a peak in about 30 minutes. Then a very slow decline occurs. But blood testosterone and nortesterone levels are often significantly elevated for many hours.

Q. How long should I take them for?

A. Cyclocyclodextrin prohormones should be cycled. Take for 6-8 weeks, go off for about 2 weeks, and start cycle again.

Q. Are cyclodextrin prohormones safer then oral prohormones?

A. Even though no significant side effects have been found using oral prohormones. Users of cyclodextrin prohormones can feel even safer knowing that they are using even less prohormone to get an even higher testosterone elevation. This means less prohomones floating around your body to be converted to other things.

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Cyclodextrin Prohormones

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