DHEA Information

DHEA is an androgenic hormone produced by your body's adrenal glands. This substance is two steps up the hormonal metabolic pathway from testosterone production compared to Androstene which is only one step away.  DHEA production starts in the body at age 7 and peaks at about age 24.  After that, DHEA production will decline by 20% per decade.  As you can see, the older you get, the more likely the benefits from DHEA supplementation.  DHEA will increase testosterone production in both men and women whose bodies don't produce that much DHEA naturally.

There have been studies to substantiate this increase as well.  One study examined the effects of a 50 mg. daily dose on both men and women who were over the age of 50.  This dosage was enough to increase DHEA levels to that of a 24 year old in only 2 weeks of supplementation.  A follow-up study was done where participants consumed 100 mg. of DHEA before sleep.  This not only raised DHEA levels but boosted immune function, increased gains in lean body mass, increased strength, and decreased bodyfat.

As far as real world results go, I have tried this supplement.  I do no fall in the low DHEA category though.  I did notice an increase in strength as well as a slight increase in acne (DHEA side effects).  I also felt as though my body tempeture increased slightly while on the supplement as well since I sweated more indicating that I might be burning bodyfat as well.  My hormone level would still be considered raging by most peoples standards so increasing DHEA for those under 25 might be questioned.  I would definitely recommend this supplement to anyone over 30.  These people could obviously benefit from supplementation of DHEA.   A good supplement formula containing it is Andro-Shock.

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