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Diet for Building Muscle and Cutting Fat

Muscle building and fat loss diet plan

By The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

Diet is vitally important in order to get the benefit of your hard earned workouts. This article will discuss the tips and tricks that have now proven themselves to work in speeding up muscle growth and repair while also cutting body fat. There are two important aspects of you training that are going to be considered as given.

The first is how to train, what exercises to do and the kind of intensity that you should train with in order to gain muscle. The second is getting rest between workouts and not training too often as this will lead to overtraining and a shrinking of your muscles and not growth.

Your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the speed of your metabolism that you are born with, what you inherited from your parents, whether it is a fast or a slow metabolism. Whatever speed of your metabolism you inherited from your parents it can be changed by eating correctly.

If you split up your meals into at least five meals a day and each meal or snack is evenly spaced throughout the day that is a very good start. Your metabolism slows down when you stop eating in order to make sure that the energy is there for you to survive and one can use this to your advantage.

Science has now proven that the speed of your BMR can be changed by eating more often. This means that your metabolism speeds up as it knows there is more food coming so it stops holding on to food and sending it to be stored as fat.

Balance is everything when it comes to planning your snacks or meals that you have. High quality protein, like egg whites, tuna, turkey and chicken breast are the best, but they should be eaten together with complex carbohydrates and a bit of fat as well.

Your diet or meals should have 5% good quality fat such as virgin olive oil or fish oil which has Omega-3 in it and will help to speed up your cell repair as well as protein synthesis. But probably the most important part is the complexity of the carbohydrates that you eat.

They say the more fiber in carbohydrates the more complex and the longer it will take your body to turn that into sugar or glycogen. This is important as refined or simple sugars are only going to increase the amount of insulin that you produce and that means fat as insulin is a hormone that stores fat fast.

Drinking the adequate amount of water each day is as important as eating correctly. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day at the very least and the more water you drink the less hungry you will be as well. But it will also help to speed your metabolism as well.

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Diet for Building Muscle and Cutting Fat

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