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Female Bodybuilding Supplements

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Best Female Bodybuilding Supplements

Many female bodybuilders take supplements to enhance their physique. Supplements work great for building muscle and losing fat. They also help with the recovery process. Here are the best female bodybuilding supplements.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is popular with female bodybuilders. This supplement boosts the metabolism and burns the fat off. It will give you energy for more productive workouts. L-Carnitine also works great for building muscle.


Creatine is also excellent for female bodybuilders. Creatine enhances endurance and muscular strength. It energizes muscles and gives you the strength that you need for longer workouts, lifting heavier weights and completing extra repetitions. Creatine is safe to take, but you do need to cycle off of it after six weeks or so. In addition, creatine is excellent for gaining new muscle mass and one of the best female bodybuilding supplements.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are used by female bodybuilders all over the world. Fat burners boost the metabolism, which causes you to burn more calories. They will energize you and enhance your workouts. Many fat burners contain caffeine and others are stimulant-free. Also, there are many natural fat burners that work great for slimming down. Fat burners are one of the best female bodybuilding supplements.


Protein is essential to any bodybuilding program. You need enough protein in your diet, if you want to increase your muscle mass. You get protein from certain foods that you eat. In addition, you can increase your protein intake with protein shakes and bars. Protein shakes come in liquid and powdered form, and they are a good choice among female bodybuilding supplements.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a fatty acid, which is found in dairy products and beef, and it has many benefits. It increases thermogenesis and the calories that you burn, even at rest. CLA also increases lean muscle mass and helps to reduce the appetite.

Appetite Suppressants

Many female bodybuilders take appetite suppressants when they need to reduce bodyfat. There are many supplements that help to fight food cravings. Hoodia is one type of appetite suppressant, and a plant that is found in Africa. A long time ago, hoodia was used by the bushmen in Africa. They used it when they went hunting in the desert to reduce their appetites. Caralluma is an Indian herb that also helps to suppress the appetite.

Female bodybuilding supplements will help you pack on muscle and lean out when you need to. They will give you the strength and energy for intense workouts. These female bodybuilding supplements are a favorite among female bodybuilders. If you combine any of these female bodybuilding supplements with a good workout routine and healthy diet, you will see great results.

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