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Fish and Sea Food Calorie Chart

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How many calories are in fish? See our fish & sea food calorie counter chart below:

Alaska King crab, 1 leg                                  129
Alaska King crab, steamed, 4 oz.                         109
Blue crab, steamed, 1 cup or 4.8 oz.                     138
Catfish, fried, 4 oz. fillet                             259
Catfish, raw, 4 oz.                                      132
Clams, canned, 1 can                                     112
Crab cakes, 1 2 oz. cake                                  93
Crab meat, canned, 1 cup or 4.8 oz.                      133
Crab, deviled, 1 cup                                     451
Crab, deviled, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--1 cake               170
Crayfish, steamed, 4 oz.                                 129
Croaker, fried, 4 oz.                                    251
Croaker, raw, 4 oz.                                      119
Dolphinfish, raw, 4 oz.                                   97
Eel, baked, 4 oz.                                        267
Fish sticks, Mrs. Paul's, 4 sticks                       200
Fish, breaded and fried, 3 1/2 oz.                       250
Fish, raw, broiled, poached, 3 1/2 oz.                   140
Flounder, baked, 4 oz.                                   132
Flounder, fried, 2 fillets, Mrs. Paul's                  270
Halibut, broiled, 4 oz.                                  194
Mackerel, Atlantic, baked, 4 oz.                         297
Mackerel, Spanish, baked, 4 oz.                          179
Oysters, canned, 1 cup or 9 oz.                          179
Oysters, fried, 6 medium, or 3.14 oz.                    173
Oysters, steamed, 12 medium, or 3 oz.                    117
Perch, baked, 4 oz.                                      132
Sardines in oil, drained, 3 3/4 oz.--Atlantic            192
Sardines, tomato sauce, 3 3/4 oz.                        189
Scallops, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--3 1/2 oz.                 230
Scallops, fried, 4 oz. or 7 large scallops               242
Scallops, steamed, 4 oz.                                 127
Shad, raw, 4 oz.                                         223
Shark, raw, 4 oz.                                        148
Shrimp, fried, 4 oz.                                     275
Shrimp, fried, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--3 oz.                200
Shrimp, steamed, 4 oz.                                   112
Surimi, 4 oz.                                            116
Tuna, bluefin, steamed, 4 oz.                            209
Tuna, canned in oil, 1 6 1/4 oz. can, drained            331
Tuna, canned in water, 1 6 1/4 oz. can                   234
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