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Fix My Shoulder Pain Review

fix my shoulder pain
Fix My Shoulder Pain by Rick Kaselj

It is probably something you have not thought of before but over 40% of injuries caused at a gym are shoulder injuries. The problem is that there is usually a very specific procure that starts when trying to get to the bottom of your shoulder pain and solve the problem.

That procedure usually follows 8 specific steps that go something like this:

Step 1: You start to take a few anti-inflammatories to deal with the shoulder pain that you have.

Step 2: You finally decide to see a doctor to solve the problem after a month or two of pain and the doctor tells you to rest, ice, and donít do things that hurt.

Step 3: The doctor recommends a very expensive MRI to find out the cause.

Step 4: Your doctor then recommends physical therapy and if youíre in luck your therapist has worked with athletes in the past but who are we kidding, most of the people in the center are not physically fit at all.

Step 5: Modalities you might be exposed to include hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to name just a few.

Step 6: Once youíre insurance runs out or you think you know the stretches and strengthening exercises well enough you can continue with the rehab on your own time.

Step 7: It does not get better and you think another expensive MRI would help

Step 8: Next you can try more physical therapy or you can cover the symptoms with a cortisone shot that will numb the pain for a couple months. After that thereís always surgery, but something in your gut tells you thatís not what you really need. Listen to your instincts.

There is a way that you can avoid all of this and there are a few steps that you can take to make sure that you never land up in this vicious circle of chronic shoulder pain. The steps might sound obvious but if done correctly it can avoid you a whole lot of hassle.

Strategy to Avoid Shoulder Pain #1: Warm Up the Muscles & Not Just the Joint

Strategy to Avoid Shoulder Pain #2:Donít Get Stuck In the Traditional Shoulder Pain Cycle

Strategy to Avoid Shoulder Pain #3: Deal With the ROOT of the Problem Not the Symptoms

Strategy to Avoid Shoulder Pain #4: Find a way to finally solve the problem by following the Reshaping the Shoulder with the SR3-Method which can actually be very simple in three easy steps. Below is a quick summary of what you will get using the SR3 Method which you can see are three vital steps.

The first is Alignment: In order to begin reshaping your shoulder you need to make sure your shoulder joint is in ideal centration Ė the best possible position. The SR3 method will show you how to do this.

The second is Tissue Quality:

This all ends up affecting the positioning of the shoulder blade, leading to the shoulder blade changing its tilt. This biting tilt leads to the most common shoulder injury Ė a rotator cuff injury. The SR3 method will show you how to reposition this tilt and experience a pain free shoulder.

The last of the SR3 method is Activation & Endurance: Activation is turning on the right muscle in the shoulder to decrease the stress on the rotator cuff, provide stability to the shoulder joint and allow you to layer on strength to your shoulders.

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