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Bodybuilding VHS Tapes For Sale

Posted by: Dennis

For ordering information contact Dennis B. Weis at: yukonherc@kpunet.net

VHS Original Video’s by Pavel Tsatsouline

Rapid Response Vol. 1-8 The SWAT Strength & Conditioning Program by Pavel Tsatsouline $50.00 plus priority mailing

1. The Fundamentals of Combat-Effective Strength Training 2. Advanced Strength Training Drills for Combat Readiness 3. Muscle Software for Combat-Effective Strength

4. Tips for Power 5. Abdominal Training and Relaxation Techniques for Explosive Power  6. Explosive Drills for Speed and Power 7. Advanced Techniques for Pull-Up Power,Explosiveness and Flexibility 8. Enhancing Combat Flexibility. Training Schedules

Martial Power Vol. 1-12 Hard Hitting Combat Secrets from the Russian Special Ops by Pavel Tsatsouline $50.00 plus priority mailing

1. Recharge! Russian Mobility Drills for Instant Combat Readiness  2. Tension! “Instant Power” Techniques for Killer Kicks and Strikes 3. Tilt, Squeeze and Crush! Instant Breakthroughs for Unstoppable Force  4. Chain, Screw and Hammer! The “Whole Body” Secret of Instant Power  5. Brace, Load and Pull! Instant Strength for Massive Payloads 6. Wedge for Power! To Gain Instant Domination with Foot and Fist   7. Push Secrets for Instant Success with the Handstand Push Up  8. Pressure! Power Breathing Secrets for Instant Strength 9. Pistol! Instant Success with the One-Legged Squat  10. Like A Rock! The Secrets of Instant Ab Strength BONUS TAPE # One: Elongate Special Tips for an Instant Extra Stretch BONUS TAPE # Two: Fast Start! Quick Review of Instant Mobility and Power Drill Programs

VHS Original Video’s from SWIS 2001 Symposium Seminars

1. Integrity of Weight Training (Bill Pearl)

Current Concepts in Weight Training Exercises

(Dr. Mike Hartle)  $15.00 plus priority mailing.

2. Strength Training Techniques of the Worlds

Strongest Man (Bill Kazmaier) $15.00 plus priority mailing

VHS Original Video’s SWIS 2002 Symposium Seminars

$90.00 for all 9 video’s plus priority mailing

1. How to Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Safely

 and Effectively (Dr. Mike Hartle D.C.)

2. Tips, Tricks and Techniques of a World Champion Powerlifter

(Ed Coan/Mark Phillipi)

3. Westside Powerlifting Principles (Dave Tate/James Wendler)

4. Advanced Powerlifting Techniques (Rickey Dale Crain)

5. Bodybuilding Techniques of a 8 Time Mr. Olympia (Lee Haney)

6. Precontest Bodybuilding Techniques (Milos Sarcev)

7. Advanced Women’s Bodybuilding Techniques (Laura Benetti)

8. Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Male Bodybuilding

Physique (Mohammed Makkaway)

9. Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Female Bodybuilding

Physique (Laura Creavalle/Winston Roberts)

VHS Original VHS Video’s Secrets Of Combat Fitness by Charles Staley:

Tapes 1 & 2:  Max Jone Quadrathelon $10.00 plus priority mailing

Tape 3:  Physical Preparation For Combat Sports $10.00 plus priority mailing

VHS Original VHS Video’s Staley Training Systems Boot Camp 2003

$60.00 for all 6 video’s plus priority mailing

Tape 1: Program Design Secrets For Breakthrough

              Training Gains With Coach Charles Staley

Tape 2:  EDT for Radical Body Composition Breakthroughs

               With Coach Charles Staley

Tape 3:  Project Management Meets Fitness Training

               With Coach Charles Staley

Tape 4:  Your Body As A Barbell:  Unconventional

               Bodyweight Exercises With Coach Alwyn 


Tape 5:  The Multi-Planar Injury Assessment Profile

               With Coach Alwyn Cosgrove

Tape 6:   Coaches Roundtable Discussion

VHS Original VHS Video’s Staley Training Systems Boot Camp 2004

$60.00 for all 6 video’s plus priority mailing

Tape 1:  Eccentric Training for Body Composition Breakthroughs

              With Coach Charles Staley

Tape 2:  Nick Radonjic’s Training Cycle for the Chicago Kettlebell

              Competition With Coach Staley and Nick Radonjic’s

Tape 3:  The Ultimate Fat Loss Systems With Thomas Inceldon

Tape 4:  Functional Medicine For Optimal Fat Loss, Athletic

              Functioning & Health With Thomas Inceldon

Tape 5:  Violence As A Survival Tool With Tim Larkin

Tape 6:  Training Secrets Of a Modern Warrior With Tim Larkin

VHS Original VHS Video’s Flex Magazine Bodybuilding (10 Volume) Video Series

$70.00 for all 10 video’s plus priority mailing

1. Shoulders, Back & Chest 2. Awesome Arm Workout  3. Massive Legs

4. Triceps & Shoulders 5. Abdominal Training 6. Power Chest & Triceps

7. Monster Back 8. Explosive Legs 9. Abs & Shoulders  10. Upper Body Explosion

VHS Original  VHS Video’s Joe Weiders’ Original Bodybuilding System-(10 Volume) Video Series $70.00 for all 10 video’s plus priority mailing

1. System Introduction 2. Basic Techniques 3. Back & Biceps 4. Chest &Triceps

5. Legs & Shoulders 6. Detail Training 7. Mass & Strength 8. Nutrition & Diet

9. Advanced Training 10. Safe & Smart                                         

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