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Muscle Strength Tests

Posted by: Adam

Hey, 6'1 230 into weights, 36 yrs,strong. looking for other guys to do strength test stuff.. using own bodyweight..pins/resistance ..similar weight or heavier is good. flexin too.

Re: Muscle Strength Tests

Posted by: Jay

Adam, i could be barking up the wrong tree;but have you considered any of the grappling martial arts? I train in both karate and jiu jutsu,and can definitely say that after an hour of "NE WAZA"(GROUND FIGHTING) total body exhaustion sets in and the next morning ;the muscle soreness is comparable to a serious weights workout. Other grappling disciplines include judo,sombo and vale tudo, and are enjoying a resurgence of popularity due to TV coverage of K1 and the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP(UFC). Maybe not what you were thinking of but what the heck!!

Re: Muscle Strength Tests

Posted by: Sal

If you really wants to test your body strength against other men...then wrestling would be perfect ...the UFC now adays is all about wrestling and grappling. also avoid measuring your strength by pining someone against the wall...this is not accurate for body strength ....but more absolute strength....u have to think about a real life situation....if u get into a scuffel with someone ...are they really gonna stand against a wall and wait for u to pin them and then react....no.......9x out of 10 u will end up on the floor wrestling....also think about how u would get into a pining position in the first place.....u would have to wrestle with them first..right?also the training u are talking about uses more leverge....and if u use leverage it would be easy to pin someone....because if they are against a wall...they cannot lean and use there legs....i understand that u want to test ur body strength with someone elses body strength....well then nothing would be more perfect then wrestling....not WWF OR WWE....but all out on the ground wrestling....this is my opinion...any one else? MOST IMPORTANTLY : work on your quickness....in wrestling ...the quicker guys wins...because he can put himself in a position to execute a pin or hold or submission before his opponent.

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