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Upper Back and Deadlifts

Posted by: Jay

How do you rate strict T bar rows? Are they of any assistance to deadlifts?

Re: Upper Back and Deadlifts

Posted by: Baker

Personally, I don't think so. As soon as I started working out the upper and lower back separately, I was able to start concentrating effort on properly training the lower back with good morning variations. Bent and T bar rows in my opinion are bodybuilding exercises that hinder the progess of the squat and deadlift. As I progressed from a bodybuildign mantality to one of a Power lifter, I tryed to maintain these rows as I threw in good mornings and deadlift variations. This left my lower back constantly overworked, feeling compressed and out of adjustment ..especially while I tryed to maintain the heavier row sets.

I knew that the good morning and deadlift variations would help my deadlift and squat more than bent or T bar rows....so after many months not wanting to dump the rows....I finally did...and it has paid off greatly.

Heavy Walkouts / good mornings / squats and deadelift variations have widened and thickened my whole back and traps (especially the lower lats) more than any row ever has...as well ..my bench has improved as my shoulders ...are not being overstretches and overworked.

Bodybuilders don't do good mornings as they make your ass, lower back and waist huge. However, powerlifters need to if they want there #'s to go up..and stay injury free.

I like to have a good squat workout once a week...either maximal effort or speed workout (I define a good squat workout as one where your lower back is pretty much fully recovered....and is not out of adjustment.) As well, I Iike to work my lower back with a good morning or deadlift variations in the same week.

To train upper back, I do 2 exercises each week...on a separate day after my main training exercises (exercises directly related to our 3 lifts) ...

Any chest supported machine row, strict cable pulls with a static hold at the end of the movement....perfectly upright with no stretch to the lower back at the beginning.....one arm dumbell rows ...with no twisting ...

That's my story.....Cheers...

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