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Basic Powerlifting Routine for Beginners

Posted by: BA

I'm far from becoming the next Louie Simmons, but the following programme may be of some help to a few members. I will recommend a routine below that in my opinion, will get you better strength and size gains than your current one. Do the exercises in the stated order:

Monday: Squat day - Regular Squats 5x5, Good Mornings 5x5, Power Snatches 3x3 or jump squats 3x3 or Lunges 3x8and Sit - Ups (weighted if possible) 3x10 (Get a School Gym Teacher or experienced lifter to show you the technique for Snatches. They build INCREDIBLE total body strength and power IMHO.)

Wednesday: Bench Day - Flat Bench Press 5x5, Bent Over barbell Power Rows 3x8 (Instead of the bar being in your hands the whole set, bar starts on floor, pick it up overhand grip with as much power as possible up to just below your sternum, then lower it to the floor and let go, and repeat), Dips 3x5 (weighted if you're strong enough), Lat pulldowns 3x8 or pull ups/ chins 3x8 (depends on your strength), and lastly skull crushers 3x8.

Friday: Deadlift Day - Regular Deadlift 5x5 or 8x3, High Pulls or Power cleans 3x3 (do a google search on them if you don't know the exercises), Push Presses 5x5 (Strict military presses are for bodybuilders. Use your knees/ some leg power to force that bar up!), and another deadlift movement, such as romanian deadlifts 3x8.

Do grip training on Mondays and Fridays aswell: Dumbell/ Barbell holds, plate pinches and weighted/ non weighted hangs are some really good grip exercises.

Cut out all the bodybuilder exercises. No knee extensions or leg curls, no hack squats or leg presses, cut out fancy machines and pulleys and limit your dumbell work, no upright rows or bent over barbell rows or preacher curls or military presses or dumbell flyes etc etc. Leave that stuff to the bodybuilders!

Give the routine 3 to 4 months consistent training to merit a decent shot at it before throwing it on the scrap heap.


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