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Powerlifting Periodization Program

Posted by: Big Bear

With 5x5, 5x3, 3x3 and 3x1 you take the same approach. For each period of training you have five workouts to accomplish a 2.5kg incrament. If you train Squat, bench on Monday for example, you will have five Mondays to accomplish whatever weight and repetitions you're attempting (as above). Start at 5x5 with whatever weight you can do comfortably for 8 repetitions for one set. You'll probably notice that it's too easy, so enjoy it while you can. Stick with 5x5 until you're unable to successfully accomplish an incrament of 2.5kg per workout. If after five workouts you're unable to do this then drop to the next stage, 5x3 and so on until you reach 3x1. This type of training is great for squatting and benching, however deadlifts are a little different IMO. Deadlifts should be trained with doubles and triples. I use the above program for squatting and benching. For deadlifts I train 8 sets for three reps and 3 sets for 2 reps. The 8 sets are usually progressive to about 80% and the 3 sets I use one weight at approx. 90 to 95%. I have found more then 3 repetitions is hard on your hands and shins.

Re: Powerlifting Periodization Program

Posted by: Powerlifter

Move the sets/ reps on your bench and squat to 5x5, increase the poundages to an amount that you can do with moderate ease for this set/ rep range. There is no point in being able to do this weight "15 times", as you are training for explosive power and strength, not endurance. make 2.5kg incremental increases on they two lifts weekly until you struggle to complete 5x5 for that given weight. Attempt 5x5 with the weight a couple more times, you may adapt, and try another 2.5kg increase. When it becomes impossible to complete 5x5 for the weight, move the bench/ squat to 5x3, and increase the poundage by 5-10kg (triples are alot easier to do than 5 straight sets), and take the 5x5 as far as you can, just like you did with the 5x5. When you can do no more, go to 3x3, take it as far as you can, then 8x3, take that as far as you can, then back to 5x5. You should find that you have made a strength increase of between 20 and 25%

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